The politics of terror


The politics of hate is ripping our body politic apart. Blind hate is not new. The civil war is often referred to as the war of northern aggression. I want to ask Hateright off, outside of Fort Sumter, an action in which the federal government took control of a crucial American stronghold from a group of men who had occupied it under the pretense of secession, who attacked whom first? Now I know some of you want to think that the occupation at Sumpter was justified, but how many of you would back an effort by a Mexican group who, having declared independence from the United States, occupied Fort Hood in Texas? Would the entirely defensible act of reclaiming that property be an act that could be described as aggression? Of course not! As a matter of fact that is precisely why seven thousand people cannot just kick down our fence and walk into our sovereign nation.

Some of you may be shaking your heads. Some of you may feel that is a flawed analogy. For my part, I have read “War, For What?” and a few other books and articles that, while well researched and written are merely entertaining; kind of like alternative history novels.

The truth is, as it is in our times, as it has always been and shall always be, a few wealthy people turned those of us with common interests against each other. Let me put it another way; If you are reading this article you and I probably have similar interests regarding the preservation of our great nation, and making sure that future generations of Americans have the same chances that we had. It’s likely though that the cut of my jib, or the trim of my sail might put you off. I will never forget coming back to my classroom after lunch the day Kennedy was assassinated; it was a Friday, the sun was bright, and Thanksgiving vacation was nearly upon us. We were children living in the greatest country of any age, and the future lay before us like a golden road.

When I entered the classroom I didn’t even notice that the picture of JFK had been defaced. Someone had smeared red paint over the top of JFK’s head and blacked out his eyes. Our teacher, Mrs. Murray, left for the office in a hurry to find out who was responsible. Strangely one thing sticks with me. It was unnecessary for Mrs. Murray to place anyone in charge of the class when she had to leave; that’s how well regulated society was in the middle class back then. We never found out who committed that cowardly act, within moments of her departure there were shouts and screams echoing all over the school. I remember feeling numbness when we were told. We heard the news right there in front of the symbolically murdered picture of our president, who, as far as I can understand, did nothing whatever to earn such hatred.

That’s right, hatred. Blind, unreasoning hate. What else could it be. What motivates people to do such a thing? Yeah, I know, wah, wah, wah, right? Wrong! We all pay for hate; want some proof? Ok, how’s this: following the constitutional disaster of Bush v Gore, the Republican party controlled all three branches of the government and had a hammer lock on the fourth estate, this condition lasted for eight long years. Nearly every member of congress elected since then has been so as a result of their commitment to stop Obama. Well, how’d that work out for y’all? Happy? What did you get for your efforts in electing people whose campaign rhetoric is decorated with hate? Roe v Wade been turned back? Immigration fixed? What about freedom of prayer in the schools? Nope. The rich are richer, and the poor are significantly poorer. It’s time we admitted that hate is a tool that is all too effective at dividing us.

Do you realize that when a bill goes before congress that it has zero, that’s right ZERO chance of passing unless it has the backing of at least one billionaire. That’s a fact folks. Hate is what put Obama in office for his second term. After crapping all over the folks who elected him the first term based on his campaign promises, his base rallied once more to put him ahead of Mitt Romney based on ideas that marched right up the partisan divide. When I hear partisan I think of men and women whose country was devastated by an invader fighting the enemy, not my next door neighbor who decorates his yard with campaign posters featuring a candidate from the other party.

People, we need to work together to halt the disease that ravages our beautiful country. We must put unreasoning hate behind us and make a constituency that represents all of our neighborhoods. After all, are we Americans, or are we not? When I think of how Hillary took down ACORN, a populist agency that promoted not liberal ideals, but rather voter awareness and registration, when I think of how uncaringly she said that medicare for all was not on the table. Well what we got was the end of the last organization that truly represented all stripes of America, and Obamacare.

We are in a pickle. If we continue to remain fractured as we are then Khrushchev’s white paper on how to defeat America comes true. He famously said, “We will bury you!” We cannot endure in a society that is paralyzed, passing down to our children not a conundrum, but a disastrous collision with reality; if we do they will curse our memory, and we will deserve it. With pipe bombs being mailed to political opponents we must understand that the civil war is over. The south must stop trying to rise again. AMERICA needs to rise again. If we do not work together to save it this great nation will pass from this world, and future generations will know nothing of the good that is in our hearts.

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