The Old Grey Nag

A Horse is a Horse, of course, of course

Old Grey Nag

There was this old grey nag. It obviously could never win a race, but it’s handlers put it in the races twice Old Grey Naganyway. In the races it came in dead last, which was no big surprise to anyone except the idiots who, lured in by the fifty to one odds, bet on it anyway. What’s two dollars, right?

Well, after being beaten by a horse that had never raced in its life, the old grey nag retired, and everyone thought that was the end of the story. Au Contrairé! The talking horse, still in the company of jackasses, went public yesterday and hinting that she might be up for another race.

This is the product of a political party that has renamed itself “the blue wave!” You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Hillary Clinton actually insinuated her desire to be president yesterday, and the democrats had a collective orgasm. I knew democrats were stupid, but frankly, this is my surprised face.

And her offspring was babbling the same thing. Now her kid does have a nice butt, BUT butts don’t make presidents. Now let’s be honest here. We need two parties with opposing views to make democracy work, but wouldn’t you think the democrats could do better than this? It’s become the Old Grey Nag Party. They need to fire the donkey and put in a dilapidated old glue factory horse.

Look at their leaders. Pelosi, Waters, Sanders. Come to think of it, the jackass is appropriate. If one young, white, male were to emerge from the crowd and not even whisper the word “impeach” they might make a run of it. Yeah, I really just said that. It’s homophobic, misogynistic, and racist. Isn’t it amazing that I can touch all three bases with one swing of the bat? Political reality, folks! Democrats! Unless you pull your heads out of Mr. Ass no one with gasoline enough to drive to the polls is going to vote for you.

The closest thing to a contender is Beto in Texas. He kisses lots of babies, combs his hair like Robert Kennedy, and shows up consistently with his sleeves rolled up like he just got off work. Only problem is he’s a freaking communist, but he’s head and shoulders above the old grey nag!

In my opinion there is going to be a blue swirl, not wave because the democrats are too stupid to see the pedigree of a winning horse. SOMEday they’ll hit upon a candidate that republican voters won’t laugh at, maybe even vote for, but until then it’s the old grey nag and not even a place or show. A horse is a horse, of course of course . . .

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