The 5200

Just like Texas in 1880


And now comes the 5200! President Trump’s immigration policy can be summed up in two words. Walls and balls. He began his run for the presidency by announcing that thugs, The Butcher Shopdrug dealers, and rapists were pouring over our southern border at an astonishing rate. And he was right! If you think any different please don’t Bogart that joint, my friend.

With the so-called “Caravan” careening toward Texas we have a new wrinkle in the blanket. 5200 wrinkles actually. With guns, and tanks, and attitude. As Patton said, “Now comes the American Army!” This is not necessarily a bad thing. Let me tell you why.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, with all the hoopla about the wall, everyone’s gonna stand back in snake amazement when the first fourteen year old girl pops over the top of it. Because that’s what illegals do. Jump borders.

The Amazing Doc Greene had a border plan that surpassed any simple wall. Towers with fifty cal machine guns every quarter mile or so. If that wouldn’t get attention I’m not a white boy from Austin. Well, between no wall, and super wall we’re just about half way there.

Soldiers aren’t cops or border patrol. They don’t shout, “SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!” They say, “Pick UP those hands and bag ‘em!” The cost? Nada! Those troops are paid anyway. If they weren’t on the border, they’d be picking up cigarette butts on Fort Hood. And it’s an easy deployment.

While the American soldier would go to to Iraq and serve, it makes a whole lot more sense patrolling our border and stopping an invading force. And it IS an invading force. You done with that joint? The caravan rushed the Mexican border, waving their flag, pushed the fence over, and began stomping toward Texas with every left wing reporter in tow. That’s an invasion.

It’s not going to work out for them. They’re gonna die. Now for the good news. We’re like roaches. Once we show up we almost never pull out. Ask Germany how that worked out for them. In two years, before the next election, if there was still no wall, but not even a jack rabbit had crossed the border, what would you call that? It’s called “border security.” Delivered by Donald J. Trump just like he SAID!

With 5200 combat soldiers down there you could secure the border with a barbed wire fence. The Mexican government is strapped. It’s time we lend an assist to it and together put an end to this lunacy. The Mexican people are not bad people.

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It’s time to be good neighbors. We have a new trade agreement, they have a new government, time for a new era. What would be wrong with rotating the 5200 permanently, providing security for both nations. Maybe even see the day when a mother and daughter can cross the bridge at Laredo to just shop at Walmart and go back home. Wow! Think about it.

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