A House Divided?

A Fair and Balanced Look At Congress

A House divided

A House divided

A House Divided? A divided house is not necessarily a bad thing. Single party rule never comes out good. So the Democrats have the house, so what? They’re gonna impeach Trump! No they’re not. They may indict, but then it goes to the senate, which means it goes nowhere. And as far as passing crazy laws? The Supreme Court. Good luck with that. Trump has to change his stripes a bit as he faces a BALANCED House.

You must understand that the two political parties we have didn’t even exist when the constitution came to be. But the signers of it knew politicians. Politicians are dedicated to serving the people without having to resort to work. If you don’t believe that, just look at them now that the campaigning is over. They’ve had to travel, speak, meet people, listen, and respond, every day, several hours, just like the rest of us, and it damn near killed ‘em! The best thing to come out of this election cycle was Obama losing his voice.

You may never actually meet your senator, but you could bump into your congressman (or woman) at the grocery story during Christmas break. People can vote for someone they know with little regard to party affiliation. I know I have. Trump won through a victory in the Electoral College. Hillary won the popular vote, but ignored the advice to work the electoral strong points. Obama understood it. So did her husband. Everyone was talking about blue waves and red tsunamis, and completely overlooked the man in the street, democratic streets, voting exactly like they, and their parents always had! Amazing, isn’t it?

You must look past the rhetoric. Pelosi is not a communist. Beto is not a convicted felon. He’s also not a senator, just saying, and Trump IS the president of the United States! Presidents have always had to contend with opposition in the House. Lincoln sweated blood gathering votes to pass the thirteenth amendment. Now, you’d think, with the south on its knees, and victory literally on the horizon, that bill would have flown through Congress. I mean the Civil War was all about freeing the slaves, right? And all the Democrats were hiding out somewhere down in Georgia. The fact remains that while the Republicans were going on and on about ending slavery, when it came right down to it they balked. It squeaked by. And by the way, it didn’t actually end slaves. Read it carefully. No person could be indentured or held in slavery UNLESS they were sent to prison, which basically makes them . . . SLAVES! Knowing that makes the ratio of black to white in prison so uneven, but that’s none of my business.

So what will a balanced House give us? I know, I know, you’re worried about that wall. Yes, Congress can now put restraints on a building project like that, but remember, Donald J. Trump is still the Commander in Chief! Did you notice all those troops on the border recently? I couldn’t even talk on the phone from all the gunships flying over my house. The Army has unique ways of solving problems in the field. That’s why they call them “Field Problems.” They arrived and immediately began to string Constantino wire along the border. You’ve seen that stuff. Along the tops of prisons and some schools in Detroit. Wire interlaced with razor blades. Climb THAT bit! And it’s so cost effective. We already HAVE the wire!

Of course, for a while, we’ll have a “Night of the Long Pens” where the Democrats will bow up and exact revenge across the isle, but, unless I’m wrong, you will begin to see bi-partisan legislation creep by. Shouts of “Absolutely NOT” will slowly give way to, “Well, let’s look at that.” We don’t send people to Congress to quote talking points and eat fancy dinners. We send them there to govern! We all agree that we need health care, so give us some. They’re already robbing us blind, put some of that money towards aspirin. Nobody LIKES the situation along the border, so FIX it! Just KEEP the army down there on a rotation basis. We do that’s all over the world anyway. If they weren’t there they’d be picking up cigarette butts at Fort Hood. I guarantee you a soldier would rather be “soldiering” than policing the grounds. That’s not what they signed up to dol. Hey! Legalize marijuana. Canada did. But the New Democratic majority needs to be aware that if they don’t PRODUCE something other than hate Trump speech that Blue Tide that came in last night can go right back out again in 2020!


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