Dodging The FaceBullet

How NOT to get Alex Jonesed


When you publish as much as I do, you cannot be held hostage by a social media platform that goes on the whims of any person out there who thinks they are offended. I am an op/ed journalist so it’s almost guaranteed that I will offend Facebooksomebody. You cannot state an opinion without encountering a counter opinion. It is very important to neo-liberals to shut people like me up! They do it with Facebook Jail, and if you develop a “criminal” record they execute your account with a FaceBullet.

I have a “paper route” on Messenger of loyal followers. These are people who have followed me over the years, and look forward to reading my articles over morning coffee. On Facebook there are pages I post to, some liberal, and therein lies the problem. If one member of one group or page gets their shorts in a knot it could mean disaster for distribution. Therefore, I’m stopping postings to Facebook pages, and groups as of now. As I write this I’m having to sign in again, and again as FaceBullet execution squads fire continuously.

During Facebook’s last run at me I began to set up, and rely on general Internet. My readership has grown. I have a strict schedule of publication that I adhere to. When people get used to the same thing every day it makes it easy to find you. I cannot chance relying on a medium that is so fickle, such as Facebook. I’ll include links here so you can read my articles. As long as possible I will continue the paper route, but frankly, the writing is on the wall, and I will not be another Alex Jones! I’m publishing this on The Tea Party Tribune and my main blog.

Freedom of speech has been so restrained in our current time that it has become necessary to resort to methods such as these. While such as myself attempt to inform and entertain, people such as Jim Acosta scream at, and interrupt the president. His Facebook account is safe! I’m not going away. I’m not ceasing my daily publications. I’m dodging a FaceBullet I know will surely come. I’m not even sure if I can post the link to this article, as Facebook algorithms prowl looking for a bad word among my works. I will respond to anyone who PMs me as long as I can, but will not post publicly on Facebook after this article. Below are links to my work. Please pass this link to anyone you think may be interested.


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My main email is If you email me I am constructing a new email based paper route.

Thank you

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