Trump Accosts Acosta

How A Democrat Donkey Showed His Ass


Trump accosts Acosta! I just watched an altercation at a press conference between President Trump and Jim Acosta of CNN. I drew several things from this. In my recent article about fake news I laid out the ins and outs of the fake news profession. Where it Trumpcame from, why it’s there, and how you can spot it. I even included a video from a liberal democrat who agreed with me, and went to greater depth to try to explain it. Here I’m going to show you a prime example of how this works in practice.

The CNN reporter rose to ask his question. He continually interrupted the president, challenging his authority. He centered on the “caravan,” the left’s current child in need. Then, now watch this, he referred to the members Therein as “refugees.” He proceeded to expound breaking the law for the greater good while the President continued to try to correct him. Then some other jug head in the press corp rose to defend this rude bastard while some poor girl tried to pry the microphone from his cold, dead hands. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. I saw it on TV.

When foreign invaders are referred to as refugees the general public accepts that. That is FAKE NEWS! When a reporter, and I use that term loosely, challenges the president, that is an effort to qualify the fake news. The reporter wasn’t smart enough to word his question intelligently, he was grandstanding for his bosses, and the gullible public.

When someone continually interrupts someone as they try to answer a question that tells you that their question was moot, and they were reinforcing it with showmanship. It has become fashionable to interrupt, talk down to, and disrespect the President. It’s cool, it gets views, it tears down the country as a whole.

I’m not saying you have to agree on everything that Donald Trump says, but I am saying if you’re in the White House Press Corp you should be intelligent enough to ask a question with dignity for both him, and yourself, and respect for the American people.

Freedom of the press is there for just that. To ask questions, and report answers to the people. Then, if you have an opinion, THAT’S for the editorial page, not the FRONT page. From washed up pole dancers, to truck loads of wetbacks, main stream media has tried it all, and it has all fallen short. Lies, and the lying liars that tell them!

I think Donald trump is a prophet. How else could he step into the lion’s den, and walk away unscathed? And I wonder what kind of training, or education these “reporters” have. I could have tripped this guy up a dozen times, and I’m just a guitar player from Austin. And it’s not that I disagree with the reporter, which I do. It’s just common decency. Respect. Presenting one’s self as a professional. The sad part is that a lot of the public will dig no deeper than the look on the President’s face as this fool foamed at the mouth. Press Corp my ass!


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