The New Salem Witchcraft Trials



Just when you’d think the Salem witchcraft trials were buried deeply in history the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. Are they going to help preserve Social Security? Maybe finally come up with something better than SalemObama Don’t Care? Or perhaps lend a helping hand to that third world country, California, during the worse fires in history? Heck no! They’re a gonna convene a full blown investigation looking for Russian dressing in the White House kitchen!

You wanted it, you got it. Forget the economy being so good there are more jobs than people. Rest assured that President Trump has arranged a welcoming committee for our “invitees” rushing for the southern border. Remember that the only button Kim in North Korea is pushing these days is on his TV remote. None of that matters. What matters to Democrats is that Donald J. Trump kicked the hell out of them in 2016. Priority one!

So we won’t see any forward motion. We’ll see no compromise. We won’t see one inch of new asphalt on an interstate road. What we’re gonna see is a pack of slavering, snapping dogs nipping at the president’s heels as he desperately tries to make America great again. They can’t even stand that phrase, and it’s become dangerous to even own a MAGA hat.

So what do we do? We live with it. As they drive us into another Great Recession, we just baton down the hatches and pray to God we don’t lost the house and car before 2020. Everyone was worried about Nancy Pelosi. She’s the sanest one in the crowd. It’s all the newly elected crazy little bastards we have to watch out for. Thank God Beto lost!

Yesterday they announced that gun control was at the top of the list. Have you ever noticed that Democrats excel at taking things away from people. Guns, freedom of speech, red hats, BABIES, both born and unborn. Your money too. They’re real good at that. Ask Hillary.

So, we will endure probably two more years of Mueller picking and probing every whorehouse in Washington looking for a used condom with Russian DNA in it, at our expense I might add. Every time the First Lady wears a wind breaker the “View” will make a big deal about it, and Alec Baldwin’s lame impersonation of the president when he’s not beating the hell out of someone for taking his parking spot. The Salem trials ended in one day. These trials will end on a November day in 2020!

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