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The Party Line

If you are going to survive intellectually you simply must diverse yourself of the Facebook party line that seems to dominate modern philosophy in our The Party Linepresent time. I once saw a reflection posted on Facebook which read, “Remember the time when we used to take a picture of our breakfast, run down to the drug store to have it developed, got one hundred copies, and distributed them to friends and family, asking them if they liked it? Neither to I. So STOP it!”

This demonstrates two things. The emergence of a meaningless practice, and the fact that I had to go to Facebook to learn about it. I recently watched a two hour debate between Christopher Hitchens, and a Professor of Theology. It was held in California, at a university basketball stadium that was filled with students eagerly hanging upon every word. In six short years the new students will most likely be posting pictures of burritos on Facebook, and lamenting the loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This is because it is far easier to eat a convenience store burrito than to fashion a full meal at home and eat it in a civilized fashion. The analytical mind has been reduced to a “status” requiring no more thought than a pick up line at a local bar. You see this in the street demonstrations by young people today. When confronted by journalists, asking simple questions, University students give the most surprising answers. At the University of Texas, for example, when told that President Obama had signed an executive order nullifying the Bill of Rights, they overwhelmingly agreed that the Bill of Rights was outdated, and it was time to move on. This group also believed that Dr. Martin Luther King freed the slaves, and that Sodom and Gomorrah were married!

Now, I’m not saying Facebook is the sole reason for this non-reason. Lots of factors figure into this equation. What I am saying is that Facebook has become the new religion of the millennialist, and Mark Zuckerberg has become the high priest. The sign of our times is the appearance of the CEO of what is basically a dating/gossip website appearing before congress to explain himself, and the congress is too dumbed down to debate him.

Facebook plays to the reptilian part of the brain. It is easier to think, “Ugh, food,” than to consider, “I don’t like the taco sauce, I think I’ll have the queso.” And while we’re groveling around our cage, Pope Zuckerberg looms outside, throwing us bananas with Facebook jail/hell at the ready in case someone should use too many four syllable words to differ with the opinions of other monkeys in the cage. God forbid we should throw feces outside the cage.

When I was a child in Shreveport, Louisiana, we had a party line on our telephone. Now, in and of itself, the telephone back then was an awkward contraption. First off it was heavy. It usually sat on a table, right on top of a “telephone book,” used to find phone numbers, but used in the swamps as toilet paper, because the only phone in that area was down at the general store. If you were very special you had a private line i.e. when you made a call, you, and whomever you called, were the only ones on the line, as opposed to the party line where up to four homes shared the same common wire, and at any time any one of those people could quietly pick up their phone, and listen in. Being aware of this possibility curtailed phone sex in those days. Nowadays our cell phones are mostly private, if you discount the NSA.

Facebook is a modern party line! The only difference is that everybody knows it, agrees with the “terms of service,” and feeds into it. The social media platform originally started in a college as a method to trade pictures of people, hence the term FACEbook. This is not too far from placing a small mirror on the ground, and waiting for a girl in a dress to walk up. Of course now that the medium has evolved beyond all reasonable control, Mark Zuckerberg has come down from the mountain with his own version of the Ten Commandments. He also controls the Facebook Talmud which continually updates to “bring you a ‘better’ Facebook experience.” Just lay back, and enjoy it.

While a sizable number of people use the Internet as a research resource, it cannot compare with the minions gathered worshipping, and praising the golden calf. The Facebook mentality has become the norm, but there are signs of a great schism beginning to show as the users age out and experience life where Facebook has no logical place. My own grandchildren, for instance, would rather watch “The Bright Side” on YouTube, than look at a picture of a hamburger on Facebook. This is the “Z” generation, who have witnessed the social shortcomings of MySpace, AOL, Prodigy, and soon Facebook, and are not impressed. The millennials are even beginning to think of it as an “old people’s” site for talking about stiff joints, and grandkids.

The intellectual growth, a natural thing will occur. Facebook will not be able to keep up. It has no intellectual foundation. Consider this. If you want to actually want to read about a subject, do you search Facebook, or do you end up on Wikipedia? Well, there you go! Facebook has never progressed past the original party line designed to look up pretty girls’ dresses. So STOP it!

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