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The rise and fall of Western Civilization


Why, you may ask, have I suddenly doubled down on a religious slant when the Butcher Shop is primarily a political publication? There seems to be little White Folksconnection between the two. Actually, there is a great connection. Be you theist, atheist, or just a “reptile bait” such as I, every human being has that “God Hole” I go on about. You can’t get around it. You are born with it. No matter what your belief is, religion plays a large part in your life game plan.

There is something larger here. No matter if you subscribe to the idea of a great reckoning of earthly and cosmic forces, or just watch the news reports with increasing alarm, you must admit that civilization as we know it is at a crossroads. And it is a political crossroads driven by religiosity. There are interests out there that wish to impose their will upon the world, and there is a certain strain of civilization that instinctively resists this. There are Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Satanists, Mexicans, Chinese, and little groups out in the bush that have one thing in common. They say one group has dominated history, enslaved practically all other sects, and perhaps the world would be better without it. Officially it’s known as Western Civilization. I simply call it “The White Folks.”

And the White Folks are a minority. Except perhaps for Mormons, The White Folks do not tend to churn out babies with the same veracity as the Brown, or Black Folks. Maybe their girls are prettier, I don’t know, but the final tally says that there are more of them than us. Oh, by the way, I am a White Folk.

The rise of Western Civilization did indeed make history take a white turn. While the counter culture scrambles to Bill The Butcher piece together it’s history, The White Folks simply point to the Coliseum or the Parthenon. I feel it interesting to note that these buildings are white.

All races have a right to be proud of their heritage, and achievements. All races have a right to exist in harmony with all other races. Viva La Differáuce! That having been said, we have digressed to the point where some of you are shocked by my very use of the term “White Folks.” This is because we have now been conditioned to automatically assume that all things white are bad.

We crackers are a peculiar lot, I’ll give you that, but allow me to submit that exposure to us generally uplifts other groups, rather than brings them down. When the Romans invaded Britain (and they were white folks, too) the Druids lost their rabbit-assed minds! They waged war until they were wiped out to the point that you can’t find a Druid grocery list now. They totally ignored the aqueducts, roads, buildings, and pretty Roman girls scurrying about. The same with Israel. Israel INVITED Rome in to stay off the Greeks, who were steadily eating their Kosher lunch. The Romans stayed, wanted to get naked in baths, drink wine, and the JEWS lost THEIR rabbit-assed minds. Are you beginning to see a pattern here.

Now White Folks will jump on White Folks. We’re really not all that racist when you get right down to it. But when you get brown folks involved, such as what’s going on down at the border right now, we get plumb stupid! See how I just tied that issue with the Roman domination of Israel? Swat them bees!

The number one reason President Trump takes so many hits in the media is that above all politics, he is a White Folk! If I were to compare Whoopi Goldberg’s hairstyle to the creature in the movie “Predator” you’d lose YOUR rabbit-assed mind, but she can call the President an orange headed idiot just any time she wants. But then, Whoopi simply can’t be a racist. She’s black!

And White Folks are their own worse enemy! Hey! I ain’t even gonna lie to you. We are. From feeding little black kids in Ethiopia to getting shoes for white trash kids in Alabama, we’ll run with any cause. We got six hundred and fifty thousand of us killed just ending slavery. Now, you show me any other civilization that ever did that!

This isn’t going to change overnight. This world view is entrenched. The last three presidential elections were drawn along racial lines, and if you don’t believe that have I got a wall for you, and it’s on sale! Do you want to know what Hillary’s real draw was? With the two term restriction on the office of the president there was an unspoken hope that if she won, somehow, someway, Obama, or at least his policies would still be in the White House. I’m surprised that Hillary didn’t show up for the debates in dreadlocks! And you know I’m right, don’t be jellyfish about it. I’m just the one that says it out loud.

Love. That’s the key. You gotta love, and appreciate all people. Revel in their culture, beliefs, and ideas, but demand they return the favor. Do I think the Flavians devised a white Messiah to confound the Jews? It’s quite possible. Look at the classical image of Jesus. Flavius Titus Caesar with a Mick Jagger haircut. You gotta admit, that’s pretty cool. But love is the answer. I love all people. I’ve been married six times. One Jew, a Mexican, one half black/half Arapaho, even a couple white chicks. You can’t spread the love any more than that!

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