Sharon – The Mother of God

John and Robert discuss the fall of man

  • “Well, I think that the early earth had a more pleasant climate. Now, I know a lot of scientists would shout me down, but I’m an old preacher so indulge me a little. Anyway, after the fall, even the weather went nuts! Storms, floods, all such things. The Lord Jesus himself told us that in the last days these calamities will multiply, until it’s almost unbearable, and then He’ll come. See, it’s been a growing, and a growing, ever since the fall, whatever that fall may have been. Once, a perfect world, then, a not so perfect one.”
  • “Some folks may tell you the ‘fall’ was man showing up at all.”

“They may be closer to the truth than we know.”

They both got out another burger. Robert went on, “Do you believe in evolution?”

John laughed, “I am a minister of the Baptist faith. You think I believe in evolution?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I asked.”

“No, I’m a creationist. I believe that God did create the world as it is now.”

Robert never looked up from his hamburger, “I believe in evolution.”


“Uh huh. I believe in evolution.”

“Well, tell me this Reverend Hunter. How do you get up there, and preach from the Bible when you believe in evolution?”

Robert looked straight at John, “I don’t. I sing.”

“You don’t believe that God created everything?”

“I didn’t say that. I believe that God created everything there is, right down to this little hamburger, but I know that he did it HIS way. That’s ’cause he’s God!”



“Well, there had to be a first man, and a first woman. What makes a human being, John.”

“Body, soul. We have a conscience. We are aware of ourselves.”

“That’s right. We love, we hate, we aspire to higher levels of consciousness . In short, we do all the things that we attribute to God. Now the atheist mind says that we put our attributes onto a God that we ourselves have created, but the religious mind says it goes the other way.”

“Just say, for the sake of argument, that God looked down on his good world one day. He looked down and he said, ‘Hey! I think we gonna make man in our own image.’ Now man is down there a scampering around on the ground eating bugs and stuff, and God says, ‘Yeah, let’s make man in our image. Let’s make him stand up tall, and feel good about himself. Let’s make him love his mate, and want to stay around her, not just when he wants to have sex with her. Let’s make him want to be social, and talk to one another. Heck, let’s make him one of us!”

“Now, the devil, or Lucifer as he is then known, well he’s riding pretty high right now. He’s the angel of light and all. God put him right up there on top. He didn’t really have to answer to anybody. Good work if you can get it. Anyway, he says, ‘What? You gonna promote that right on up here with us? Look at that down there. God, that’s a monkey! Ain’t no way!”

“And God says to him, ‘Well, that’s exactly what I’m a gonna do, cause I’m God! And what’s more, when I’m done, man is gonna judge you!”

“Well, ol’ Satan he rears up and says, ‘No! I ain’t gonna bow down to that! I’ll never crawl on my belly to such as that.’ And he talks to what angels will listen to him and runs, quick as he can down to the earth to mess things up.”

“Now, by this time God has already done the change in man. He gave him a soul. That’s all he had to do John, just give him a soul. But you know, right away, you get a soul, you get responsibilities. I mean, just yesterday you could go right ahead and eat one of your cousins, and nobody cared, and now, well now you know its wrong. You

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see, you can’t commit a sin, unless you know it’s a sin. You gotta wanna! Well, it didn’t take the devil long to get man to doing what just come natural. In fact, doing what just come natural was even a little more fun now that it was wrong! Seemed like man had the capacity to enjoy it more than he did yesterday. Soon sin was all over the place, and the world was the mess we find it in at the time of Christ.”

“Then, the devil told God, ‘See, look at that mess! They’re in so deep they don’t know which way is up, and they LOVE it! You still gonna make man in your own image?”

Well God, he knows that man IS in his image. And he knows that the ol’ devil is just taking advantage of what’s left of man’s physical nature to help him on down the road to sin. Cause just knowing about sin makes man sin. He does things now that he never even thought of before he had a soul!

Anyway God tells the devil, “Well, I’ll give you your due, man does appear to be a mite rambunctious, but I still think, given the choice, he’ll always choose the right path. He’d do good if he knew how.’ And the devil said, ‘He ain’t gonna do no good, cause there ain’t no good in him! How you gonna save that monkey, God?”

“Well, God thinks on it for a while, and he comes up with a plan, only he don’t tell the whole plan to the angels. Just a little of it. The devil, he knows God is up to something, ’cause he keeps the prophets a jawing all the time about a suffering servant, and a redeemer, but HE’s got all that under control, ’cause he’s watching real close the nation of Israel, ’cause that’s where this redeemer’s supposed to come from.”

“Finally Jesus comes on the scene. Now, between him, and John the Baptist, the devil ain’t really sure which one if either of these two cousins might be the redeemer. Just to be on the safe side he had John the Baptist locked up, and then he gets him killed. One down, one to go. Then he finds Jesus, a walking forty days in the desert, sorting out his revival, and he jumps up on a rock and he says, “Hey! If you are the Son of God this, and if you are the Son of God that, and Jesus just answers him with scripture, never really getting into a big too do with him about anything.”

“Now, a lot of folks don’t know it, but the devil followed Jesus around all through his earthly ministry trying to trip him up, cause he wasn’t quite sure who he was. This was why the Lord was vague about some of the things he said. Finally ol’ Satan just gets tired of messing with this preacher, and he put Judas up to double crossing him to the Jews, and they get him crucified. But you know what? I believe that the ultimate joke of the entire history of the entire universe was the answer that God gave Satan to his question, ‘How you gonna save that monkey?’ The devil was right there on cavalry looking up at Jesus as he took his last breath, and, as that beautiful soul left that body, and the devil saw that soul face to face, all he could say was, ‘He did it Himself!”

“And Mary’s purpose in this plan?”

“God polished all the people of the world down to a chosen people. Then he trimmed the chosen people down to just two tribes, then he purified them down to one town, then to one little girl. One little girl who was worth being his ma ma.”

“The Mother of God?”

“Don’t tell Pat.”

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