The Populist Movement

    The worldwide people’s revolt


    Populist. Write that down. There’ll be a test later. Donald Trump took the White House from a fairly well seasoned, though deeply flawed politician by Populist using populist appeal. Italy just overthrew a government by a universal, across party lines populist approach. And now France is on the same road.

    Ever hear the word “Brexit?” How about Germany’s about face concerning their thousands of Muslim guests? So, what is populist? Simply put, a populist movement does what is “popular.” When the government begins to feed upon the people it is supposed to serve, in a democracy, i.e. people get their votes counted fairly accurately, there will occasionally rise candidates who owe nothing to anybody. If they claim any party affiliations it’s just a tip of the hat to get backing. If they get elected they’ll vote across party lines rather than along party lines.

    The United States has been divided so many ways it takes all the fake news outlets to keep us in the dark about what’s really going on. Liberal against conservative, republican against democrat, white against black, women against men and men against men who think they’re women. When populism strikes the population is so fed up that these markers disappear.

    There is a world wide populist movement shaping up right now. The election of Trump put the world on notice that the old order changith! Despot nations such as China, or Saudia Arabia can’t see it, but even Putin slowed down on his moves with the realization that the European situation could easily spread to Russia just like Pepsi.

    Trump stopped the so-called “caravan” in its tracks and the people of Germany lost their minds! The Parliament revolted and Angela Merkel lost HER mind! Now the people of France are fed up with Paris being a Middle Eastern garbage dump. Some things are more important than what side of the isle a representative sits. Culture, history, and yes, national pride. Being proud of your nation is not a sin. So what could you do with uninvited guests! First off, you don’t let them in, but if by some twerk of political fate, such as Merkel, they slip by, you throw them out.

    As the populist movement progresses you will see some astounding changes. Already, only the criminally insane thinks Hillary has another shot. Nancy Pelosi is hanging in there, but her time is coming as up and coming populists, disguised as democrats come for her. And don’t even talk about Pocahontas. A mosquito bit her last week and just like that all of her Native American blood was gone!

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