The Great Man George Bush


What makes a great man? When someone like George H. W. Bush dies various appraisals of his life come to the fore. It’s impossible to live such a Great Manpublic life of service and there be no difference of opinion. President Bush was intimately involved in American history during a period when that history was being made. The JFK assassination, Vietnam, the Cold War, Iran Contra, he was there for it all. There at the top level. CIA, Vice President, and finally, president. This was before political protest was eating a Tide Pod. This was the Watts riots. This was the REAL brink of WWIII!

He invaded Iraq, brought Saddam to his knees, and then he backed off. In the words from Godfather II, Bush worked with the Saudis, Bush helped the Saudis, but he never trusted the Saudis. He needed the Iraqi leader there to remind them that he, and America kept them safe. Donald Trump hasn’t figured the Saudis out yet. George Bush had them tied up in a pretty pink turban.

His loss to Clinton did not tarnish his service to the country. As he was reduced to wheelchair status, his family gathered around him. The Bushes kept family business family. Barbara Bush was the matriarch. No scandals such as “Monica” came to light. His son presided over the country during the worse event in our history, and he KILLED Saddam! Hey, that’s the Texas thing to do.

So, whatever you may think, this week we lay to rest a fine public servant. A man who navigated the treacherous waters of international politics, and America is still here. Like the video says, you can call him good, you can call him crazy, but you have to admit he made it count, and this week the cowboy rides away.

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  1. Bush done a very great job. He has always done a very great job.
    President George HW Bush seen the economy slipping. So, he fixed it. The economy bounced back.
    Bush was coming a landslide.
    The liar clintons called it, "the economy, stupid."
    The economy had already bounced back. But, the liberal media lied.
    The American people knew the economy was great.
    President Bush spoke to the citizens and understand that we didn't tax policy. It worked.
    The tax plan was to bring the tax back down as the economy to bounced.
    Bush and Dole would easily knocked down the clintons.
    Ross Perot died knowing he is a liar and will be in Hell for eternity.
    His graphs and posters or lies and if anything, its upside down.
    Perot knew he was losing and pulled out and then went back, anyway, try it again and blamed that Bush was causing Perot's daughter was blaming of doing a porno.
    Bob Dole was going to easily beat Clinton.
    Dole was going to have a landslide.
    Perot came back, again.
    Messed up History.
    Clinton was never popular.
    Go back and look every time the Democrats had any part of majority of Democrats in Congress, you will see that the Democrats screws up our economy, every time. It's Republicans that majority for Congress that always brings back our economy. Especially, when the President and Congress are all majority Republicans.