The Woman Who Walks on Stones

The Real Refugees


Gonna go with entertainment today with a recap of Brother Theo’s series, ”Woman Who Walks on Stones.”
MandiOur hope in publishing such articles is to promote real literature in the internet age of iBooks, iPads, and shallow thinking.

You have to take a break now and then from politics and let your mind wander. If you keep your nose to the grindstone 24/7 you just end up with a flat nose. This story, first told to Brother Theo by a little Navajo boy in Arizona is rich in fable, Navajo legend, and color. That’s the entertainment part. But there’s a subtle through line. When a little boy and his grandfather are begging for The Butcher Shopchange at a desert truck stop it should give you pause. It should make you consider the plight of the Native Americans, symbolized by Stones Woman as she struggles to reconcile her grandfather’s teachings with the realities of the white man’s world.

So yes, there’s some politics here, as old as the Trail of Tears, and as current as today’s headlines. The Butcher Shop is sneaky. As you listen to the news about the ”refugees” clamoring at the border, don’t look forward into Mexico. Look behind you at Mandi, the Woman Who Walks on Stones. And watch out for her cat!

Woman Who Walks On Stones Pt 1

Woman Who Walks On Stones

Woman Who Walks on Stones

Woman Who Walks on Stones – The Stones

Woman Who Walks On Stones – The Porch

Woman Who Walks On Stones

The Butcher Shop
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