Economics 101


Speaking of having to learn , I guess I have to teach you how the stock market works. In order for capitalists to Motherpluckersmake money it has to go up and down and the more violent the moves , the more money the hedge funds and Wall Streeters make!

Wall Street is simply a big version of the old “ Pump and Dump” scheme. The day before the market went up 500 points (that’s the pump to attract the dumb money in to buy buy buy), and when the buying seems to slow down , then comes the Dump at the top by the big money boys. So, they drive it down, and the pigeons get their feathers plucked.

So have no worries , it will be pumped back up as soon as they sense that the pigeons are ready to put money in to recoup their losses and the pump up starts again. If there is no volatility there is no money being made. So, you have to decide if you want to be the plucker or the pluckee.

Nations are also part of the equation. The US has been plucking the Euro countries for years, and they keep going back to the Wall Street well of money to get plucked each time. I thought you boys were smart! Bottom line? The MotherPluckers always win!

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