There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang

What we have here is failure to communicate


I was thinking about a line from a Johnny Cash song this morning. With the latest from The Muller rumor mill, Chain Gang“Chain Gang” came to mind. Mueller has put conservative America in a chain gang. What we have here is failure to communicate!

I don’t get writer’s block, but around this time of year I get a lazy streak. Yesterday was my feast day. Catholics do that. Pick a day and it’s the day you have a big meal and celebrate some momentous event in your life. Yesterday was the day my first ex-wife left me back in ’73.

Also, the left is leveling so many charges against the president I’m thinking that somehow Robert Mueller is shacking up with Amy Charron. Who’s Amy Charron you ask? She’s that batcrap crazy “B” word running around Houston telling everyone that I’m in the Mafia, and the FBI has a hit on her. I just hope that money Brother Theo paid her to hide our affair doesn’t come out. But, I never had sex with that woman!

  • Anyway, this morning a new investigation emerged. This time it’s the Arabs. It seems like some King of the sand fleas over there wanted to get a favor from the president elect, so he paid for the punch at the inaugural ball. I Crappith thee NOT! Now, the Robert Muellerdemocrats can’t approve money to keep Pancho Villa on his side of the fence, but spending good money after spiked punch is fine. I cant wait for the ”Z” generation to grow up!

I told Brother Theo last night that I no longer believe in America. Oh, I believe in what USED to be America, but this thing we have now is not that place. Any time something like Nancy Pelosi can present itself as a reputable person we’ve lost something, somehow along the way. I wonder if her mother had any children that lived?

So, with the Inaugural Ball Investigation, soon to be known as the ”IBI” looming on the horizon we know what the next two years of the Trump administration will be all about. If nothing else the last two years have exposed some key factors. A citizen can no longer become president. That’s reserved for the elite. There is no “America.” That left us years ago when the democrats began to count commas in the constitution. There ain’t no good in an evil hearted woman. And there ain’t no good chain gang!

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