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From Gordy….


Nebraska: A state trooper pulled over a U.S. Postal truck that was weaving in traffic and discovered enough fentanyl to kill 25 million people. Fentanyl is 50 times more deadly than heroin. Most of it comes from China.

In spite of all the Trump bashing for 2 years, he sits at 48% while Barry was at 45% the same time in office. That from Rasmussen poll.

Trump cancels the Christmas party for the media. Good for him. No more phony photo ops with the President of the U.S., who they HATE and lie about daily.

The Inspector General just found 19,000 “lost” Stryzok/Page texts. All anti Trump. Yep, 2 FBI clowns. Now we find out that many of them have been wiped clean. Hmmm

Now they are investigating $157 million that was spent on the Trump inauguration. What’s next? There was no investigation of the millions spent on the o’s inauguration. Nothing new.

Democrats know they are on the wrong side of the border issue but makes for good talking points for the CLUELESS.

Barry, the abortion President just received a Human Rights award on Wed. How sick is that

Gun free London now has the highest murder rate in 10 years. That from the BBC.

The Dept of Defense CAN legally build the wall and T is now pushing that.

Just who are the CLUELESS, IGNORANT people who support the VIEW?

Trump and Ben Carson signed a BOLD plan for financially distressed and depressed areas. ZERO media coverage on it. However, shortly after that, the media was still calling him a major racist. He can’t win. The founder of the Black Entertainment organization PRAISED Trump beyond your normal praise of someone.

Unlike the O who talked about hope and delivered NONE. Trump is. The O and dems were all talk and no action. THE GREATEST FEAR OF THE LEFT AND THE MEDIA IS THAT THESE “ZONES” AS THEY ARE CALLED, WILL BE A HUGE SUCCESS FOR THE BLACKS. It might even help the district of Maxine Waters which is the armpit of California.

Judges now want to keep ICE out of courtroom. Whose side are they on?

Democrats are fighting for power, Trump is fighting for Americans.

$100 billion a year goes to illegals and dems are fighting a $5 billion border wall bill?

As of yesterday, there were bomb threats across the country. Were they fake threats? Designed to instill fear? Domestic terror?

Guess who investigated the Clinton Foundation: Comey, Mueller, Wiesmann, Rosenstein, all members of the Deep State corruption.

Many more democrat women ran for office. I guess the Republican women were too busy doing the most important job in the world—–Motherhood and family.

Will there ever be an end to the double standard? Not as long as we have progressive, left wing radical mainstream media. Destruction of conservative and character assassination is their norm agenda. It must stop.


The head of the border patrol has issued an invitation to Pelosi to come to the border and see what you have created.

The U.S. takes in 20% of all immigrants. Yes, we are a great nation but millions take advantage illegally.


Just by rewriting the trade deal, yes, Mexico IS paying for part of the wall.

Now know, General Flynn was railroaded. follow the details.

Why does Congress get away with a slush fund to pay off the MeToo scandals and keep it hush hush? Double standard anyone? Only Trump is attacked.

Oh well, have a great weekend folks.

PS: $3 million a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal immigrants WHO HAVE COMMITTED ACTUAL CRIMES.
30% of all Federal prison inmates are illegal immigrants. These are all verifiable facts.

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