America Needs A Serious Makeover

We have become Mexico’s red headed stepchild


America’s image needs a serious makeover. We have gone from Rosie the Rivetor to something along the lines of Justin Bieber in a thong. And it Rosiedidn’t start yesterday. Back in the eighties there was a rumor that the Kremlin called a think tank to come up with a way to undermine American society. Something so insidious that it would worm its way into the very fabric of our nation by introducing an attack on a behavior or series of behaviors that all Americans were well known for. They concluded that a two prong bio-warfare solution might fill the bill.  Targeting those having anal sex or injecting drugs. So they sent us AIDS! They figured that would just about Kill off eighty percent of our population!

Now we’ve come all the way to the Mueller investigation. Brother Theo and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum on this. While Theo tries to trace Robert MuellerMueller’s ancestry back to George Washington I think he’s a little bitch. We have a diversity of opinion at the Butcher Shop. But let’s boil the whole thing down to basics.

The Mueller investigation strives to prove that American elections can be swayed by Facebook Memes and headlines on the National Enquirer. Stop laughing, I’m not joking. Mueller maintains that Russia had staffs dedicated to making jokes about Hillary on Facebook by posting pictures with dirty words designed to influence the opinions of voters. And the voters followed the lead like a bunch of thirteen year old girls. Mr. Pecker, oh God, what a name, of the Enquirer just stuck a deal with Mueller to avoid prosecution because he, like Cohen, paid some whore for a story which he buried. Like that’s a real crime. I’ve paid off five whores in divorce court! And this coming from a newspaper that routinely says Prince Phillip has seized the throne or the princesses are engaging in fist fights in Buckingham Palace!

And the world believes all this! Forget the world, the freaking DEMOCRATS all believe it. As they push back against the president building a wall so another seven year old girl won’t die of thirst in the New Mexican desert, they bow and pray five times a day in Mueller’s direction as he runs the DNA on used condoms he found on the restroom floor at the D.C. bus station. I wonder if when the government closes down Friday night that means Mueller has to go home?

Let’s see. What did we get so far for our twenty four million? Well, he caught a crooked lying lawyer paying for nookie (this is my surprised face) a likewise lying ex-general, a swindling businessman who couldn’t close a deal, and a Russian whore bumming drinks at an NRA cocktail party. And as a result we’ve got a stalemate where a highly successful real estate broker/president can’t raise enough money to buy bricks for a wall that should have been there years ago! That’s what you got for YOUR money, and THAT’S why people in Holland are laughing their wooden shoes off at America! Please note the first four letters in “Mueller” are pronounced “mule” and the mascot of the Democratic Party is a jackass. This can’t be a coincidence.  And that is how WE look to the rest of the world! America needs a serious makeover.

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