The Families First Prevention Act

The cash cow gets led to slaughter


No matter what you’ve been led to believe, except in the most extreme cases, children are better off with their families than with strangers being paid Familiesfor their upkeep. Of course where real abuse is involved intervention needs to happen, but ask yourself; if said abuse were so bad as to destroy families shouldn’t that be criminal? We already have police, courts, and jails for those who harm children, don’t we?

It happens because child protection has become a cash cow. Supposedly a single mom has committed acts so heinous that she loses her baby forever, yet the police are not brought in. And armies of professional foster parents wait in the wing for the baby, and the check. President Trump has put the cow in the slaughter house.

A new federal law admits in writing that in most cases children are better off left at home. It forces states to overhaul their foster care in order to share the up to eight billion dollars in federal funds shelled out yearly to the largest child trafficking scam ever. The Family First Prevention Services Act puts money toward in home parenting classes, mental health, and substance abuse treatment, it order to fix problems, not create them.

While most child welfare advocates have welcomed the change some states are scrambling to come up with money to continue the huge foster care system they have when as much as fifty percent of the money is diverted to families first. The act puts a cap on group homes, except in the most extreme cases, of a two week stay. This puts states such as Colorado on notice.

New York will be taking a hit, too. With smaller “congregate care” facilities having to “float their own” they are looking at other options for the children there. Uh, maybe send them home to mommy? In some states such as Alaska and Montana, the children in such systems have increased by more than half. Well, it’s all over now, and it sure is Monday!

There is nothing more traumatic to a child as losing mommy. Even in infancy this leaves an indelible mark on the child’s psyche. It’s called Reactive Attachment Disorder, and it is a defense mechanism of the human mind to guard against the pain of losing someone most precious ever again.

The act will put the priority on fixing problems without endless cases or checks. There ARE young mothers out there who are overwhelmed, and need advice or help. There are also children out there who need mommy more than a foster parent waiting for the monthly check. And maybe, just maybe, little Alex Hill will rest a bit better.

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