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So, pulling our troops out of Syria will destabilize the area? Let me ask you, when has the area ever BEEN stabilized? All it takes is two thousand Middle East American troops to whip all of ISIS? What happened to Mohammed? To Allah? Israel can whip five or six countries over there in six days, and never once did one American soldier have to fire a shot. The Jews launch a plane and the towel heads run for the mosque!

Arabs are good at flying planes into buildings, or cutting the heads off pretty girls, but fall short when it comes to real battle with trained troops. We have bowed and scraped for years because the Bushes had a pipeline to Middle Eastern oil, but guess what? Texas is open for business again and Russia doesn’t need their oil either. China? You can’t put gasoline in a bicycle!

Contrary to what you read in the Bible the world does not revolve around the Middle East. It revolves around America, Russia, and China. It used to revolve around Europe, but they got stupid and let the sand fleas all move into the basement. Now not only have they lost freedom of speech, they’ve lost freedom to dress, pray, think, or eat. China didn’t do that. Russia didn’t do that. Texas didn’t do that. Notice I left America out? That’s because the Nortés are finding themselves on the same slippery slope that France, Germany, and England did when they let the help move in and run the show.

The Middle East is, and always has been the butthole of the world. The only democracy that ever developed there was present day Israel. King David wasn’t democratic. He was a war mongering, adulterous despot. Saw the wife of one of his commanders taking a bath on her roof and killed her husband so he could sleep with her. BATHsheba! Wonder what her name would have been if David had seen her taking a dump?

The ancient Israel was a welcome mat for any nation that wanted to stomp a mud hole in it and walk it dry. It wasn’t until 1947 when the present day Israel was formed in the image of America, THAT America, not this franchise we have today, that the Middle East had a real democracy filled up with white folks. And that’s the real problem, folks. Ali Baba can’t stand a bunch of New York Jews out distancing them in practically every aspect. Ok, I get it. Muslims came up with algebra. And when was that? They kinda stagnated, don’t you think?

We DO need to build a wall. Around the Middle East with Israel protected. And fill it up with water! But really, the civilized world needs to seal off all dealings with that region. Let them fight it out. Hell! Sell them bullets if you want to, but leave them to their own devices. Not one more drop of foreign blood needs to be shed in a land that hates practically everyone else. Don’t allow them to travel to any civilized nation. Then we’ll see just whose God is really great!

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