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Bumping the Constitution one more time

Bump em

From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

I wonder since we have immigration laws that our lawmakers apparently think they don’t have to follow, We have laws against employers hiring illegals, with stiff fines to be imposed, Bump emand even prison sentences. If our own lawmakers can’t seem to follow the laws, why in the hell should we. Why should we hand over our bump stocks or any other damn thing we legally bought for our weapon systems just because these same lawless people want to make them illegal. Hell, they made illegal immigration illegal and you see how well those in power follow their own laws, If they can’t follow their own laws, why the hell should we follow their unconstitutional laws?

It’s the Federal Governments job to insure our borders are safe, however, it is not their job to restrict our ability to defend ourselves, our families and our country, They can’t follow their own laws, so why should we follow them into the abyss? It’s well past the time to think about that. Criminals are protected, while the ones who have played by the rules are the ones affected. Since I have family in law enforcement on here, Since I have friends who are in law enforcement on here, maybe some of you can tell the rest of us, why in the hell should we continue to follow our lawless elected leaders.

Since I have friends on here who are judges, retired military, tell me why we should be the ones who follow these lawless reckless politicians we call leaders. Most all of us took an Oath, that Oath was to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Why should these lawless politicians not be considered domestic enemies? Please tell us why?

Are we a Nation of Laws or aren’t we? I mean we live in a time when a judge or judges in our highest courts are making their own rules. Hell we have Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs making their own rules as well, not caring about the law of the land and not caring about the Constitution, Lawless thugs, making their own rules about who can and can’t carry a weapon, So please tell me since all these people seem to be able to make up their own version of the law, Why can’t we?

Don’t get me wrong, most LEO are great people, but even they have to start standing up for what’s right. So tell me, Why should we be held hostage to these people who care nothing about our laws and the principles of our founding fathers? We Swore to uphold those principles, and now look at us. Shame on you America for what we allowed. Some of you will understand FTF’s… So please tell me why we should obey the very laws that our elected leaders, judges, LEO, can’t seem to follow…People really want to know…We’re just wondering…

But what do I know? I’m just a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas!The Butcher Shop

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