The War We Fight Today


Identity Wars Organic Cyber Warfare And The War We Fight Today

In the old days nothing was different and everything was different. For instance, if a warlord or a king, or some similar employer of a military force suitable to the task of taking by force Waran area say the size of France, and if they were possessed of a will to do so, they created an attack plan, built siege engines, set up a supply chain and took that area realm by realm.

Everything was the same you see, it was a world where men would rob men of their families, their homes, and finally their freedom; it was also different. It was a world where general technology and Warcraft limited such acts through the sheer volume of effort and risk incurred. In slavehood the survivors of war are those who quickly learn their new roles, and teach them to their children. This purge of a future or ongoing insurgency is crucial to managing the masses of newly conquered people who, for now, still dwell upon their own land. No tiger was ever tamed through brute force alone.

Let us put this idea to the test. When Caesar expanded the Roman Empire into France, he created an attack plan, built some siege engines, and took a sizable, trained military into Gaul (or France if you like) and conquered the people living therein, seizing their land as he did. Thereafter began a process of tearing down the old Gaul and Brother Theobuilding up a new Roman state. Three generations later, “Hey, we’re all Roman here, and if we aren’t, we wish we were.”

Contrast that with the outward signs of assimilation displayed by people in immigrant communities, and the comparison yields the inescapable conclusion that cultural assimilation proceeds more efficiently when there is some pressure to either mask or change your inner being. So. There it is: people make permanent shifts in their identities including values, traditional behaviors, affections and hatred, based on an undeniable need to fit in.

I’d have just started with that sentence, but my editor says more words. A fair question from you, patient reader, is “why is this important? After all I’m an American citizen. The freedom of my mind is explicitly protected from forcible change.”. Before we can consider its importance, the question of whether or not a threat exists to the ownership of our identities and the freedom to possess such and use them to shape our natural behaviors must be definitively answered.

Now me? I’m just a kind of “well if you’re looking for a pony, and there’s a lot of horse puckey lying around, you’re getting close” kind of guy. What can I say? Curse of the liberal. Anyway, I have a pretty good litmus test regardless. After deliberately setting aside all access to cynical ideology and denial, can you ever imagine letting the current state of America develop into what it is with yourself anywhere near the control panel? If the answer is yes, you are in the wrong joke. If the answer is no, please continue reading.

Okay, we are in the most precipitous position of vulnerability we have experienced as a nation in multigenerational memory. We have been successfully invaded without a military. Vast swathes of inner city are occupied territory. We are governed by those who hear nothing in the piteous cry that inspires aught but loathing in them. America is being led to the block, and everyone but the young and the willfully blind know it. But how?

Such is our knowledge of binary principles and logic that we have had to study it under many different lenses in order to truly quantify it. And why not? Beside carbon it rules our known universe unyieldingly. Binary coding is truly the key to everything; including our minds. Since everything that passes into or through your conscious mind enters and performs it’s function utilizing binary code.

Question two: do you believe that there is a way to buy up all or most of the binary coding likely to be experienced by people by categories? If the answer is no, take a left at the next exit and go straight to your public library, highlight this section and show it to the library staff: they will help you. If you answered yes, the long awaited end is just ahead. True genius has ruled us Americans at times. Sometimes America really has been number one; but in those times we would never had said so. I’ve always believed that competition and the spirit of freedom can only be truly felt when one is truly free; unencumbered by doubt or guilt, unwilling to either suffer the sins of the father nor to allow our sons to suffer for our own sins.

Our freedom of speech, that right that makes the freedom of our minds so explicit, should only be used if doing so might lead to a well intentioned change. Today you could examine the state of your freedom to be you. Today you could re-examine the security of your identity and the ways you manage your core principles in accordance with it. If today you were to ask yourself “Is this me? Do I believe in what I am doing and saying all the time?” Today could be different.

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