The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Greek tragedy ending to an American Dream

  • The Good The Bad

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. That was demonstrated in California this week. The perfect example of what America should be, and what America is. During the Christmas holidays Gustavo Perez Arriaga shot and killed Officer Ronil Singh during a traffic stop. Now, this in and of itself is horrific, but wait for it. The Good was, of course Officer Singh. The Bad, Arriaga. The Ugly was the fact that Arriaga was an illegal alien enjoying California’s sanctuary state status.

Officer Singh was from another land. He’d come here, achieved his citizenship, even took extra English classes so he’d be better understood on his police radio. He’d served for eleven years. Had a wife, and a new baby. On the other hand, Arriaga was illegal. Gang member. In fact, seven people have now been arrested for hiding him from police after the murder.

And people like Arriaga are roaming California at will. You must ask yourself what level of insanity resides in Sacramento? Ask yourself what drives the resistance to a simple wall that may have kept the likes of Arriaga in Mexico where such people are revered? How does the Congress sleep at night as they pinch pennies while Officer Singh lies in state?

Officer Singh was what America wants. People who come here, assimilate without forgetting who they are, give back, and enjoy the country our forefathers left us. Arriaga is the exact opposite. A brute, sneaking in. Given protection by a snowflake government. No intention of producing anything except crime. Spoke AT English, if he spoke it at all. And destroyed a good man. An AMERICAN!

California doesn’t have a death penalty. Why, that’s too harsh. No, Arriaga will get life most likely, and the courts will talk about something called closure. He’ll retire to prison with three hots and a cot, and be respected by the other gang members there. Many years from now some nincompoop will interview him, or write a book. And Officer Singh’s little baby will quietly put another flower on daddy’s grave.

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