From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

We are broke!

Treasury Building

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas…

We are broke, and many countries around the world are broke as well…

I’ve worked hard most all of my life, managed to put a little of that money away because I’ve managed my money over the years and never spent more money than I have. I don’t owe anyone Treasury Buildingmoney. However, I’ve never been able to spend money I don’t have, even with a Credit Card, you’re limited to how much money you can spend. It works well, however, our government can’t say the same thing.

Our government borrows money, then borrows some more, raises our taxes and then when that’s still not enough, it just prints more and more money. The same is true in many other countries, You see, they are run by the Central Banks. Our Central Bank here in the United States is known as the Federal Reserve, it’s not even a legal part of our government.

Now if you and I ran our debt up so high, the Credit Card Companies eventually cut us off, The Banks cut us off, Now imagine, going out and just printing some more money? We would go to jail the minute we tried. So how come it’s okay for our governments to just keep running up the tab after we run out of money, why can they just go print more? Once they print more money, it devalues that money and then the Central Bankers, play games with our money, but lowering and raising the interest rates on the money they just printed. This is how they control a nation. Control the money and you control a nation. Some of our Middle Eastern wars we are involved in starting with that Nation trying to print it’s own money and breaking away from the Central Banks.

Imagine, loaning the United States, trillions of dollars, 12 trillion dollars in the last 10 years to be exact, Taking us to 22 trillion dollars in debt. Then imagine holding the interest rates down to 0.5% for 8 of those years, then in the last two years, when it appears to the people that our government is making a come back, start raising those rates every quarter, ( nine times since Trump took office ) with plans to raise it 4 more times before our current President leaves office in 2020. Can you see how these people manipulate our money? Can you see how they use this to make one President look good while making another President look bad? You be the judge…Devaluing the Dollar 9 times since Trump took office means you take home less money, Are you starting to figure it out yet? Plans to raise the interest rates 4 more times before the 2020 elections? You gotta ask yourself, why, and why would we continue to allow these people that much power over our nation?

But I have said many times, I’m not an economic expert by any means, After all, I’m Just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

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