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I went to work at sixteen years old on Fort Hood, Texas issuing uniforms to soldiers bound for Vietnam. I still remember them. I saw no trace of fear, Mitch or apprehension in their faces. These days I see the ones who made it home pushing their shopping carts along the sidewalks of the same town they despised in 1968. Their faces are different now. That job was the first time I paid Social Security.

From that day until five years ago I worked various jobs and paid into the government Ponzi scheme. When I began it was mandatory. And, to be honest, it worked. Roosevelt had devised a plan that weighed the odds. He figured that if everyone paid into the plan, and a good number of people would never see sixty-five, even more never withdrawing all the money they out in, the plan would float, and benefit the survivors. He saw Social “Security,” Lyndon Johnson saw a cash cow.

In high school my civics teacher, Mr. Cole, joked about Social Security going broke. We all laughed out loud. Even at that age we yaloos knew that Social Security was, well, secure! So, after forty years I get a check that just about covers my bar tab while Bitch, I mean Mitch McConnell steps out on the Capitol steps the other day, and ejaculates his idea of doing away with the whole thing.

Nigga PLEASE! I make my living on that check, retirement from CableVision, book and record sales, a little light stealing here and there, and a family of millionaires, and you wanna shut down my cocktail hour? While funding every Muslim despot in the world, fueling that #%¥#*?{ jet the president flies around in, paying YOU, and haggling over a few bricks down on the southern border, you’re worried about my shot of Jim Beam?

Long ago America created a royal class. “The People” stopped being people, and started being subjects. The only time the people see these superstars is when they’re running for re-election, or when they’re making a grab for what little “security” we still have left.

And if Social Security goes away, what will it fix? Nothing! The people on lower end will starve and die. The elderly lady in Memphis, taking care of six grand babies left to her by her murdered daughter will add more water to the soup, and the homeless vet will be even MORE homeless without even a dollar for the cheap meal at McDonalds.

Does Mitch care? Absolutely not! “Let them eat cake!” The Tea Party began on the notion that the Democrats AND Republicans had lost touch with reality. And it was right. We have to infuse a big dose of populism into the Tea Party, and shock the likes of McConnell BACK to that reality. If you will note HE continues to be paid while air traffic controllers work for free during the governmental shutdown. There’s a message there, people.

President Trump has a swag to him. He makes a lot of hay with outlandish statements about walls, and fake news, and fat little Koreans. Slap Mitch off them steps “Mr.” President! Take a look at how many Social Security recipients voted for you, recall the fact that Hillary DID win the popular vote, and keep your gaze firmly fixed on 2020! Day ain’t over,yet!

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