Thank Your Lucky Stars

But a comet killed the dinosaurs


All of us have a lucky star. At some point in every life we all experiences a personal miracle that changes our course from that of inevitable disaster Homelessto one of an open path with calm seas. Disaster has been looming on America’s horizon of late.

The Republican Party, led by Mitch McConnell is now openly gunning for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. For decades now, since the Reagan era the Republican Party has attacked and devastated our commons, such as labor, clean air and water, education, health care, veterans rights and America’s transportation infrastructure. Republicans have managed to do this by means of electoral fraud, destruction of clean unbiased news, and dirty money funneled into every means of destroying the coin value of American citizenship that could be devised. To put it plainly, in spite of the protests that these are ideological differences, the results of their efforts are plainly exposed as sabotaging the efforts and resulting values of America’s greatest generations: those forefathers who fought the corporate thieves and overlords in the revolutionary war, those who fought on the side of a United States America in the civil war, and our cherished grandparents who fought fascism in World War II.

Without Social Security, Medicare, SSI, and Medicaid America will slump into a decay so complete that we will not see the middle of the current century as Americans, but rather we will be the vassals of the much dreaded “New

Brother Theo

World Order”, a destination as longed for by Mitch McConnell as it is by Hillary Clinton. In fact, McConnell is Hillary without high heels! Recently McConnell ripped the congressional dems for bringing government to a halt because of a partisan snit. Really? I’m speechless! Who but the dems would do such a thing?

In his insane tirade, however McConnell made a mistake; he proclaimed that the failure to take up a foreign policy by the dems put America at risk by failing to protect our allies (presumably the Russians), and neglecting our relations with Israel. In disclosing these concerns he reveals his contempt for our intelligence is as deep as his fawning love of money. We are not in a fight against fascism in the Middle East, we are fighting for the fascists. The mess in Syria is a direct result of removing Saddam Hussein from power when we tracked him down and hung him. Prior to that boondoggle we had a strongman in that part of the world who did our dirty work, and he did it well.

The major oil companies who engineered the overthrow, simply to make even more money by eliminating Saddam have failed miserably in every respect, from seeing the outcomes to fixing the problems. To put it succinctly, we are plugging yet another leak for the oil companies and using the lives of our soldiers. Next, I’d really like to know what is wrong with U.S. Israeli relations, and how does the foreign policy bill address those shortcomings?

Look, I’m not going to play the politically correct game, so somebody tell me whether or not Netanyahu came to our congress, strolled up to the well, and was given a sickeningly obsequious tongue bath or not? Did we not give Israel the means even to become Israel?, do we not give Israel three point one billion dollars free each year? Are we not upping that by twenty percent per previous legislation? Do we not share military development technology with Israel, and do their citizens not come and go in our country as they please?

We look the other way as they create a shameful wreck out of Palestine, which creates a serious situation in Jordan. In fact, I would say we are far into the black in our relations with Israel, and that it is them who should be solicitous of us instead of the other way around. So there you have it. The Democrats want to get our government moving again before taking up foreign policy: how anti world order of them! The Democrats want to protect our Medicare, Social Security, SSI and Medicaid. Of course that doesn’t suit the new world order. After all people in Burma (oops, Minimart, or whatever), China (The New World Order’s darling of darlings), and various countries whose last syllable is “stan” don’t have Social Security; what makes us so special?

Well, hopefully our lucky stars. Despite the utterly corrupt election we just had, we wound up with a Democrat controlled congress. Now it appears that the Republican tactics of stall, lie, obfuscate and delay will be neutralized, slowing our march to the new world order. It’s a shame we do not hold our political scum accountable for stealing or treason, but we don’t ever seem to do that, so hoist your glass toward the stars tonight, and thank your lucky stars.

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