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Solutions For The Diabetic Child


Far up in the mountains of Utah, in a big blue house that sits in the middle of an apple orchard lives a little girl. Not just any little girl. A girl who thinks Karrieprofound thoughts. A girl who’s ”been through the wringer” of life, and lets you know all about it. Her nickname is Puck. Named herself after an Apple mouse!

Puck is a YouTube star (Karrie’s Kitchen) dog lover, homeschooling little dynamo who could tweet more than the president and she doesn’t put up with no jive! She is a daughter, granddaughter, sister, and caretaker to a little white dog. She has an iPhone, iPad, iCloud, and just about anything else that has an ”i” in it!

Her daddy left her set up for life. To top that off she is descended from Silas Witt, Quanah Parker, and believe it or not . . . Porter Rockwell! She set her email up, downloaded Grammarly, poured herself a Diet Dr. Pepper this morning, and became the newest member of The ButcherShop. I’m honored to introduce PUCK with News From The Juvenile Point of View!

My name is Karrie. I love to cook. But I can’t stop eating the ingredients before I finish. My favorite person is my mom. I was a Daddy’s girl, but he died. My dog is always with me because I always feed my favorite 🐶 dog. I have four brothers, Justin, Christian, Nicholas, and Stevin. I argue with my mom, but I still love ❤️ her. I have type one diabetes. Now let’s talk about that. When you get diagnosed with diabetes you can get artery disease. When you’re low you feel tired, irritated, hungry, and sweaty. When you’re high you shake, and you can go into a coma.

I will be telling you about my days. Good and bad. Maybe that will help kids like me. I’ll be telling you about recipes I do on Karrie’s Kitchen where they are just for diabetics. Can you imagine watching your brothers eat cake while you eat cornbread? I can. That’s why I do my show. To share cake with my diabetic friends. See you soon!

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