Judge Roy Bean’s Ruling on the Jake Patterson Case

Jake Patterson

”Tomorrow the sun will rise and wake the desert from the chill of night. Cactus flowers will open. Creatures Jake Patterson both great and small will see yet another day. But YOU won’t be there to see it because Imma gonna HANG you within the hour!” Judge Roy Bean The law west of the Pecos

If you have a daughter or granddaughter you know the feeling that comes over you when she’s a few minutes late coming home from school or leaves the house unannounced. The kidnapping of Jamey Closs is disturbing in so many areas.

You’d think that a crime such as this would happen in South Chicago or Watts, perpetrated by street gangs, or registered sex offenders. Jake Patterson was a local twenty-one year old in Wisconsin with no criminal Jamey Clossrecord. Then, for no apparent reason, he took it upon himself to kidnap a thirteen-year-old girl, murder her parents, and hide her for three months.

When Jayme turned up seventy miles from her home and Patterson was arrested minutes later while looking for Location her, it leaves America unsettled. Questions arise. Why? How? What can we do about it?

Now, I’m a Texan, and I know exactly what Judge Roy Bean would do. But in the topsy-turvy world we live in, we have to be politically correct and give Patterson his fair shake. We have to consider if he was “minor-attracted.” We have to see if some basket case like Nancy Pelosi will rise to the occasion. Perhaps, Patterson was a Russian. Or Alex Jones will claim that’s Jamey’s parents aren’t really dead, and little Miss Closs is a crises actor. Wait for it. Still, as police piece together the events we realize that in the cold light of reason there was no reason for this.

Is there some sign in Patterson’s past? Something he said? Something he did? Some girl who felt uneasy around him? He planned the murder/kidnapping down to the last detail, up to and Found aliveincluding shaving his head so as not to leave any DNA evidence. This wasn’t the abduction of Elizabeth Smart, fueled by religious fanaticism. This was not some polygamous cult in the desert. This was the sudden vicious act of a sex-crazed maniac. Apparently, a maniac society completely missed!

There has to be a cause. Alcohol, sex, drugs, a lost girlfriend? Patterson was apparently unknown by the family. Jamey had never met him. He fantasized from afar. That, and if he was cunning enough to engineer this act then surely he knew it wouldn’t last forever and he’d eventually be caught.

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Jayme, herself, was a classical, small-town teenage girl. There is nothing in her life that would indicate any involvement with anyone like Patterson. So here we stand. As we consider great questions such as walls, budgets, and Russians, don’t you think it’s time we clean up our own backyards, so that little girls can play safely? Where’s Roy Bean when you need him?

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