We Cannot Sleep

Even Though We Are Dead



We Cannot Sleep

It was common enough in the used to be to hear folks say “I’ll sleep when I’m The Deaddead.” But then, like so many of us from the used to be I have become irrelevant. I know I am irrelevant because my right to vote was cancelled for the November election because I voted for a democrat. But don’t go thinking that you have relevance as a republican, because it ain’t so, and I can prove it.

Rather than parse this out like a lawyer I’ll just go to the smoking guns, because, as we all know, if the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit! Smoking gun number one is Robert Moses. Now, most of you don’t know who Robert Moses is, but you should, because he was the sharp end of the spear in the desolation of America. Ryan Holliday said of Robert Moses that “ His achievements are on the level not of any Roman Emperor, but of Rome, and not so much as any generation but of entire civilizations.”

This is no exaggeration; Robert Moses transformed the American landscape from the Eden that stretched from sea to shining sea into the wasteland of plastic tumbleweeds, cracked cement and crumbling tenements that it is today. If not for Robert Moses, we

Brother Theo

would not have witnessed the removal of the majestic tops of our purple mountains. Robert Moses is the progenitor of our befouled air, and our rivers and lakes that are no longer fit to boat on, much less swim in, or drink from. He’s also the guy responsible for the Dodgers moving to Los Angeles. I know, not a big deal to most of you, but it sure was to a majority of New Yorkers when it happened, and Moses ran over that majority like a semi through a flock of pigeons.

The result was that New York City became the greatest power structure in the world. The Chinese recently performed this trick in their own country in a much shorter period of time, bulldozing entire cities without warning, and replacing them with colorless housing for workers who would now have to work miles away from their new homes, traveling on the most important result of this, roads. What Robert Moses did was he created an insatiable thirst for oil that would eventually rip our country asunder. I will just mention in passing something Mr. Holliday left out, which is, The enormous power needed to tear down an existing society and reshape it’s economy cannot come from a single man. After all Robert Moses was not a god.

Smoking gun number two: The 1928 Red Line Agreement. After WWI it was obvious that another world war was around the corner. Driven by insecurities stemming from our inability to satisfy both military and domestic oil needs with the amount of oil that our nascent oil industry could produce, we looked for oil elsewhere. Every industrialized nation on earth had become dependent on oil to fuel it’s war machines, and everybody wanted to control oil production and distribution. During the period following WWI the British and the French were attempting to shut American oil companies out of their colonies in the Middle East. The U.S. was demanding an open door policy allowing our companies access to the oil rich fields in those areas. As the failure of this idea became apparent an agreement was reached in which seven different oil companies were given financial interest in The Iraq Oil Company which controlled oil production in Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The companies who were party to the 1928 Red Line Agreement colluded so as to not act independently of one another to produce or distribute oil. The natural result of forming this cartel was that the oil companies built an oil production system that focused itself on importing foreign oil into America while systematically marginalizing American oil production. The product was a twofold catastrophe. The first was that this policy strangled U.S. oil production in its crib. The second was that it deeply influenced American political strategies for foreign and domestic policies in ways that cost our citizens both at the pump and with the tax man by way of manipulating the cost of oil, and by embroiling us in wars between Arab potentates and their own citizens.Nothing so clearly defines the evolution of the meaning of American interests.

As the term swerved away from the inclusion of the average american toward a tiny portion of Americans exclusively, it stole America’s future from those who labor with their hands. Although we did not know it yet, the the idea of a coin value for being an American citizen was being choked slowly to death.

Smoking gun number three,The great migration: While America built more and more automobiles and roads, importing most of its oil from the Middle East, we also built Caliphates and Sultans and Arabic Kingdoms. Operating halfway around the world, The oppression of the average Middle Eastern family reached improbable heights as political leaders whose governments were no more democracies than are Russia or China ground their own people into the sand. Religion replaced the state in all affairs, and Islam became the de facto government of the common citizen. As a matter of necessity in the matter of controlling an ever more restive society Islam became more fundamentalist, and soon people were thrown into prison or executed for minor infractions. The people pushed back, as the people will. But the people had muskets and slings, while the governments had attack helicopters and trained troops courtesy of America, France and Germany. Eventually the people did the only thing they could do; secret societies sprang up, while the soviets, ever the opportunists, sold the secret societies more and more modern guns and explosives. Whenever the violence became too organized, America would send in troops to kill the radicals. It has always been my belief that, left to our own devices the average American citizen would not have interfered with another country’s revolution; we are after all, a nation forged in the fire of a revolution that greatly resembles the struggles that Latin American and Middle Eastern countries tried to fight.

But our politicians are undeniably bought and paid for by the same corporate interests that create the oppression which leads to the revolution, which leads in turn to our military being sent to kill the revolutionaries. The upshot of our muddling through this entire process was migration from the Middle East. The history of the human race is a history of people fleeing drought, famine and war. And, given no alternative to death they ran. They ran to Europe and have nearly overrun some of Europe’s oldest civilizations.

Somewhere down the line our government got the bright idea of importing hundreds of thousands of the very same people whose countries we devastated through corruption and war to America! We don’t know exactly who did it, but you can bet it was at the behest of that teensy weensy percentage of Americans who have profited from importing oil rather than producing it at home.

Smoking gun number four, Steve King and the naked attack on American values: Not many of you will recognize the name of Iowa congressman Steve King, which is a shame. Not because he’s a good congressman, heck, he’s a politician and a republican to boot. But congressman King was overheard speaking out against unregulated immigration. The problem that congressman King has with this giant pile of crap being dumped on American soil, is that it will eventually lead to the downfall of American society, and our precious values. I for one spoke the pledge of allegiance five days a week for ten years. I for one still feel the sting of tears when I join my fellow citizens in singing America The Beautiful, or the Star Spangled Banner. I, for one, sat in civics classes for three years of my school life,and I still revere the U.S. Constitution as being the most important document ever written, second only to the New Testament. So, Steve, I feel you man.

Steve King now faces censure in the congress, not from the democrats, but from the republicans! That’s right folks, every wannabe demigod in the Republican Party from Mitch McConnell to Paul Ryan wants to publicly crucify congressman King for having bespoken the obvious. We cannot plant our American civilization in the babies of immigrants! Who can’t see that? Which of us denies that Immigrants are not just resistant to assimilation, but adamantly pushing back against it, often with the help of American institutions? Hell a Muslim woman wearing a burka has more 14th and 15th amendment protection than I do. You don’t have to be Malthus, or even have read him to know that America is going to suffer demographic shifts that will lead to the end of our culture; this isn’t speculation, it’s simple math. These nincompoops in the Republican Party have inadvertently advertised their roles as Judas goats leading America into the new world order. So Steve, if holding my American values so dear means that I will speak out against that which so clearly means their destruction, I guess I’m a racist too.

So there they are, the smoking guns with which we have been well and truly shot. I just think we should be clear about who did this to us. Sleep well.

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