Saving Karrie

The Secret Left In The Never Never


Who really knows where the line is between madness and genius? How can you tell the difference between Saving Karriecreativity and the tangled web of a confused mind. There is a parallel universe that is situated beside ours. For every ying there is a yang, for every plus there is a minus, and for every madness there is genius. As we sped through the Escalanté her short life came back to me.

The only difference between the two states of mind is perception. Art is not art on the canvas, but becomes art as it passes through the eye and resides in the mind. There was a girl. She had a hard life. As she stumbled through her videos they rarely came together. Many hours spent trying to convey what she saw in the Never Never. She could never describe it.

One day she had a breakdown. For the better part of a week she neither ate nor slept. When that week was over she sat before thee camera again, only this time her message was clear. As clear as a mountain lake. Her poise was one of confidence. Her voice was that of a young girl, with a woman’s heart, telling other young girls what she had learned on the streets of Nashville and Detroit, and in that other universe some refer to as the Never Never. She brought that back with her, but she’d left something too. There was a light in her eyes now. And, for a little while, the light shone.

There was a Little Girl. She started life on one leg. Struggling with diabetes. She developed mental problems, and lost Her conscience in something called “RAD.” She tried, too, to make videos, and write, but to no avail. It all came out childish, or crazy, until one day, She too, had a breakdown. For several days, no sleep, no food, and mad thoughts of angels and demons, until one day She came back. And there was a light in her eyes too. As if she’d found something someone had left for her on the other side. Something waiting just for her in the Never Never.

She sat down and wrote, “ Every day I feel like my life is a dream but it really is not. Every time I wake up in the morning it feels like a new day. Every time I see my dog and it makes me feel happy, excited, cool, and refreshing. Every time I get what I want it doesn’t help at all. But if i get what I need I’ll be better off.

Every time I go to school I always mess up. When I cook I always eat everything . My grammar is always wrong. But I’m working on it. When I listen to music I dance. Whenever I get mail from Sharon I light up. Every time I take new medicine I do better than ever. When it’s a new year it’s a new me.

When I get get a drink of water it refreshes me. When I read I just love it. When I read a board game I learn. When I go to my room I feel lonely, bored, & frustrated. When i open my mail I feel cool.”

Where had the woman and the little girl gone? What had they seen that seemed madness, yet somehow profound. A place very real, where the woman left something for the girl the last time she was there. The inner light of the Never Never.

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