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The Broker’s Table

The Broker’s Table is familiar to me. I’ve sat there many times. In Real Estate there are methods designed to The Broker’s Table bring those on the other side of the table to your way of thinking. Some are real, some are bluffs, all are greed.

When you sit at the Broker’s Table during a closing nothing is locked in stone. Even though there is a specific line in the contracts stating that all agreements are in writing, that’s only there to avoid lawsuits by clients. The fact is that there are always verbal agreements, uttered in private that gives clients a sense of “something more.”

The contracts, and closing documents are just an outline. If it were not so there would be but one document, and two signatures. In a closing each page must be read, explained, and the participants asked if they agree. Then, “Sign here,” next page.

There is a technique called the take away. That’s where one side or the other makes a demand, and if there is no resolution at the table one broker will get up, and walk out of the room. It is bequeathed to the other broker to capitulate, or stand firm. Therein is where the rubber meets the road. One broker leaves, the other broker sits there with their face hanging out.

Right now Nancy Pelosi is sitting there with her face hanging out. The broker has left the room with his demands on the table, and she has to come to terms with that, or there is no deal! Nancy Pelosi does not understand this. Donald Trump does not understand that Nancy Pelosi does not understand. The clients, the American people understand. That’s their money on the table.

There’s this young woman, I’ll call her Summer. She has a one-year old. Yesterday she went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for her baby, “Tater Tot.” She is a member of the WIC Program providing basic needs such as milk, eggs, and oat meal for babies and totters. The cashier checked her items, Summer swiped her WIC Card, and it was declined. The items ran twenty dollars! Tater Tot ain’t getting no tater tots!

There’s an old song, “Little bee sucks the flowers awhile, big bee gets the honey. Black men pick the cotton, white folk take the money.” While Trump and Pelosi trade barbs the American people pay the ante. Trump simply does not understand that Pelosi can’t get the art of the deal. Pelosi does not understand that when it all comes down to it, if she loses her seat in congress it’s a deal changer. If Trump loses his office it just one more path another way. He is in the power broker seat. She is a broken old woman.

One of two things will happen. Pelosi will capitulate. This involves her need to do the math and understand that five billion means nothing when considered in a trillion dollar budget. Heck, they STEAL more than that! If she is a true democrat she’ll figure an end around and Tater Tot will get his oatmeal.

Or Trump will find some end around and find a way to get his wall anyway. Redirect some of the military budget. Put less powder in the bullets, something like that. He gets his wall, Pelosi can say she held the line for “The People!” Everyone shakes hands, and walks away from the Broker’s Table together.

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