Ten Bears and the Battle at Lincoln Memorial


One thing I can say about the Main Stream Media is they can sure spin a story! And I thought I was a good liar. I give you Ten Bears, I mean Nathan Confrontation Phillips, Native American, social activist, darling of the left, and the biggest showman since P. T. Barnum.

He took it upon himself to beat on a drum in front of the Lincoln Memorial and sing his death song the other day, which prodded a bunch of Catholic kids to don red MAGA caps and look at him. No fooling folks. This is big news. Back in my day we had to shoot a president to get this kind of coverage.

Now, I understand that we’re all supposed to fall down and pray every time the Indians say or do anything because we kinda stole a whole country from them and gave it to the Mexicans, but frankly I’m getting old and I can kiss only so many asses!

So Ten Bears claims he’s a ”Vietnam Era” vet. A ”Recon Ranger!” That conjures up images of those Navajos back in WWII perplexing the Germans with radio messages. Only problem is ol’ Ten Bears was ”reconning” refrigerators in Topeka, Kansas! Hey! I’m a Vietnam era vet! I mean I lived in Killeen back then, and I ran a strip joint for soldiers. I still have PTSD, or STD or something. Now, where was I?

Anyway, the Left is on this like Charlie Sheen on a pile of hookers! And you can’t channel surf without seeing Ten Bears talking about his harrowing experience with that CCD class that stared him down. Thank God they weren’t Mormons! One kid even bellowed out, ”It’s not rape if you enjoy it!” There was this one particular girl in the group who smiled and flared her eyes when that was said. Ten to one she’s the most popular girl down at Covington Catholic.

This incident was so covered that it took the spotlight away from the border wall. Even Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA got jealous. And, I’d like to note that the Lincoln Memorial WAS open! What I’m wondering is where Ten Bears got that goatee. When I was traveling through the Navajo reservation I didn’t see a lot of that. Maybe “White Eyes” slipped in there somewhere. Yep. I think Nathan speaks with forked tongue!

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