From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

The Cabal

The Cabal

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas

The Cabal

Somethings going on, some of us think it, some of us feel it, it’s time to expand your thinking. For a very long time, our world has been under the influence of a criminal mafia, we didn’t The Cabalknow it because they talked and acted just like you and me. We thought we could recognize a true criminal by their words and actions. We were deceived by their speech, education, wealth and power. Through a system of threats, blackmail, bribery, and deceit, they were able to come to power and occupy the highest levels of our government, education and our corporations. You may know them as the Deep State or the Cabal.

Interesting enough, they were able to gain total control over our media and use that against us and farther divide us. They used it as a primary source to control our way of life and our way of thinking. They used that to convince us that we were a threat to each other. They were able to convince us that we are the problem. They used race, gender, and religion against us to farther divide us and keep us from prospering as a people. They funded both sides of the wars and rewrote history to validate their claims to keep the world from knowing we represented peace and hope to the rest of the world. Now with a firm grasp on the media, we drank in their entertainment and lies, allowing them to begin their final phase. The Take Down of America. We were the last remaining beacon of hope in the world. They knew if they could take down America, the rest of the world would follow.

We allowed the Central Bankers control over the finances of the world. Things took a really bad turn when they started putting power and money into the vast civilian intelligence agencies of the world. Agencies that we thought were there to guide and protect us, Instead, these agencies were weaponized and used against us. They had the power to change the direction of governments, they assassinated Presidents, financed drugs and cartels, and human trafficking. They used their influence to undermine our military and overthrow those who would not get in line with the Central Banking Agencies.

Now you might think that these people would have been content to stay in the shadows, but they knew as long as there was freedom, and we were allowed to think, there was always a chance the people would catch on and destroy everything they had worked on for so long, They knew the answer was bringing everybody under one Centralized Government,. A One World Government with no national identity, no police force to stop them, better known as globalism. By using our emotions, and instincts of compassion, they found a way to destroy our cultures and borders. If we resisted, they called us bigots or racist intolerant and shamed us into complying. By 2008 we were on the verge of total economic collapse.

By 2008 we were on the verge of financial collapse, many people were losing their jobs and we were on the verge of financial collapse. They used wars to cause a mass migration of refugees to destabilize borders and countries. When we didn’t accept this, they called us intolerant and shamed us into silence.

Now here’s where things get interesting. By now the Cabal had brought another sphere of influence under their control. The Muslim Brotherhood. the Radical influence of Islam. They realized that fighting each other would be devastating and came to a mutual alliance. Now a hostile form of government would be able to inject an enemy into our government.

Enter President Obama, many of us know that President Obama’s records were sealed, He was Virtually an unknown who climbed to power quickly. What we didn’t know was Prince Alwaleed bin Talal paid for Obama’s education. The Muslims were finally getting what they wanted, they were able to inject a Muslim into our government. Now before you say this couldn’t happen, think! We know Obama started dismantling our military and got rid of most the top-ranking officers. Then many of us noticed the number of Muslim’s that were being appointed to high-level positions within our government. This was all part of the plan to dismantle the United States as we know it. President Obama even told us he was doing it but, No one listened. He started importing and promoting the mass migration of immigrants including Muslims into the country. It was all designed to destroy our economy and bankrupt us. After all, he did manage to take us from 10 trillion dollars in debt to almost 21 trillion before he left office.

Now we are facing two enemies on the home front. While the Middle Eastern enemy is a physically sick enemy, the Western Cabal is an even sicker enemy. The Cabal is a dark and sinister death cult, an enemy that relies on Symbolism and Numerology with levels of cruelty unimaginable by the sane and thinking people. If they are ever exposed it would send shockwaves into around the world if they were publicly exposed.

Are you ready to hear what they had planned? They infiltrated their people into our government, opened backdoors and exposed highly secret military plans and programs, cut our militaries, and weakened the commanding strength of our military Generals, they gave us irrational rules of engagement as they worked to destroy our military. The worked to dismantle NASA to end our Supremacy in space. They infiltrated and exposed sensitive defense military programs, they worked to reduce our ability to detect foreign and domestic threats, they used our trusted agencies to target their political opponents. They relaxed our borders and allowed entry to illegals and illegal gangs. They moved money to fund global terrorism, which resulted in groups like ISIS moving across vast territories to create chaos around the world.
In 2016 they had everything in place to finish the job when their candidate lost. Now, these people are running scared.

To be continued . . .

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