Here’s Some Real Colluding

Smiling is now a hate crime

George H Rodriguez

As if to show the apparent collusion between the liberal Mainstream Media and leftist activists, NBC’s Today interviewed Nathan Phillips, the Native George H Rodriguez American elder seen beating his drum in an encounter with Covington Catholic High School junior Nick Sandmann, and he said HE FORGIVES the students! While video of Phillips and other leftist minority groups has surfaced that clearly shows he provoked the confrontation, Phillips said he BELIEVES the teen has been insincere in his public response, and NBC did not challenge him on that point with the facts.

Such is the state of the liberal/leftist media in their alliance with the left-wing activists. The media promotes the leftist narrative and version of events, even when it is not true.

Many people have sarcastically said that “liberals are mentally ill,” but here is a clear example of a major media interview where the facts were ignored, while a false narrative (a lie) left unchallenged. When people cannot distinguish between fact from fiction, between right and wrong, they are “delusional.” The liberals and the liberal media are suffering from mass psychosis.

Furthermore, the liberals don’t seem to tolerate the media even when it tries to consider “both sides” of a story. NBC “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie was condemned on Wednesday, Jan. 23, by liberals when she interviewed Sandmann on the “Today” show.

Savannah’s critics were upset because they said she gave Sandmann a “platform” to tell his side. For leftists, there is only their point of view, or as dictators would say, “the official story.”

The cooperation between the liberal Media and leftist activists and politicians couldn’t be more apparent than with this story. However, this bias reporting happens quietly on a daily basis. Unsuspecting and uninformed citizens read and hear the liberal/leftist official story daily, and even the liberal entertainment industry helps promote it.

The liberal media is pushing American society to the point where the politically correct narrative is more important than the facts or truth. This nation is reaching a dangerous tipping point regarding political reality and reality in general.

For the truth to make us free, we must hear it and not fear it.

George H Rodriguez

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