Doc Greene Arrested!

Protesting transsexuals indoctrinating children at a public library


So today I learn a friend of mine was arrested and had a heart attack in the hands of HPD. He was arrested for trespassing at one of the Houston Libraries that were having transvestites reading to our children and teaching our children that their life style was completely normal. Doc Greene (James Greene Sr.). I’m waiting to hear news of his condition, all I know right now is he is in the Hospital, I do not know which one.

But here’s the thing, for months now Doc Greene has been trying to get people to understand what was going on here in our city. Transvestites Story Hour at our public libraries. For months he has been trying to organize a protest to stop these atrocity.

There are 33,000 churches in Houston. Count them, that’s 33,000 and the sad part is, we can’t even get 33 people to protest this atrocity that’s being

The librarian who had Doc Greene arrested

brought upon our children. That must mean the Churches are complicit with this activity. God will not have mercy on us… Chappy Gypsy


The wrong people are getting arrested. Doc James Greene Sr. was protesting the tranny reading hour at a Houston public library. Library called cops. Doc Greene asked them to show him what statute he was breaking. Apparently during the arrest he had a heart attack. Please encourage him and pray for him. Taking a big one for the team. If we don’t push back they get away with it…both the tranny hour and imposing on our rights. What are you doing to fight? When Fred and I first became activists Richard Viguerie advised us, “Get arrested so you learn you don’t have to be afraid of it.” Proud of you, Doc! 33,000 churches in Houston and Doc could only find a handful of protesters. Julie McCarty

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  1. I am sorry to hear that he had a heart attack but so glad he was arrested. Trespassing is a crime (Isn't this what trump allegng and why heis asking for a wall?). Why was he filming children in the library that created the Trepass order? Creepy!!
    If your friend does not believe in the fabulousness of drag queens, why doesn't he leave them alone? I am glad the Houston curches are not getting behind your cause because they see diversity.
    I wish my child was young so I could take her to Drag Queen Story Hours.