Americans and the Work Ethic

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Americans And The Work Ethic

When I was just a boy I learned about work. I’m a ‘52 model, white and male, so that gives you some idea of my cultural bias. I wanted to be a success, like my father and grandfather, so I paid close attention to how they did things. I found out that a successful Capitol Speech by the Butcher man treats everyone fairly, and gives them respect until reason exists not to, and then to rise above and pass them on without further notice. I learned that successful men comported themselves with dignity, even in their own homes; I never saw my father without his shirt buttoned, and we wore acceptable clothing at all times. We used polite and acceptable language, with good diction, if you please. I learned that successful men were punctual in their timing, and in their manners. And I learned that successful men treated all that they depended on, and all that depended on him with regular care and maintenance. But the two most important things I learned about successful men was that they possessed an impeccable work ethic, and a word that would be as good when it was needed as it was when spoken.

Those two aspects were my father’s legacy to me, and they were the legacy of every American boy as well. Everywhere you looked, from the president of the country to the pharmacist behind the counter, men were unfailingly polite, helpful and, when needed, brave. Of course most every community had bad actors. The police were helpful in maintaining communities in those days, and not a little individual action was taken of an occasion to remind the less punctilious of the boundaries we insisted on as individuals protected by our community.

But one of the most effective tools we had in those days were community action groups, so called because when it was needed, they took action. No red tape, no lawyers arguing about Charlie Brownrelativity, just get straight, or get gone from our community. Now I won’t say that such groups did not make mistakes. Heck, I won’t even say that some of them weren’t snake mean and downright abusive. Some of them were.

That having been said, I remember groups that reached out to people on the fringes, and did what needed to be done to help folks below the waterline rise; some of them to find prominence in the next generation. No, what Aristotle said of war, that it was evil for it removes more good men than it makes, that’s true. But war is a necessary evil, or it would not exist. The same might be said of community action groups.

Such groups put power in the hands of the few, and that power has been shown to be a sword that cuts both ways. But, we need a sword. It’s necessary. What I would like to propose is this: let’s us form up the first online community action group. Not anything like MAGA, or March For America. Those kinds of clubs are ok, but I mean a group with real decision making powers that can be made to affect conditions where you live. A group of people whose word is better than money, and whose work ethic could be used to make their community great again.

I think it has to be this way because the task of making America great again is far too large for any one group to accomplish. So what do you say Americans? Is your word good? Have you got the gumption to go out and start shoveling the rubbish? If you do, you’ll see me right beside you, sleeves rolled up, and a big grin on my face. I will next publish a platform that represents the values and goals of such a group. Should this group become a reality, we, together will outline just how this group both in and out of committee. Meeting adjourned!

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