By Any Means Necessary

The Long Tailed Cat

By Any Means

By Any Means Necessary

By Charlie Brown

What is it about the antiquated notion of a scapegoat that it manages to not only survive, but thrive, despite the evolution of the human species? How is it possible that the spectacularly wrong By Any Means idea that we can bundle all our collective sins onto the back of some wretched creature, sending it thereafter into the wilderness to die, will somehow absolve the rest of us from our own wrongdoing? It must be similar to the wearing of animal hides on our feet throughout the ages. It is the easy thing to do.

In a recent article by the New York Times, the high priests of the Democratic Party demonstrate the Bronze Age practice scapegoating, and juxtapose it with journalistic high jingo. Although readers of the Times may think they are reading a story about the aspirations of the Democratic Party, and how the forcible removal of a democratically elected governor is key to attaining those precipitous heights, the fact is that the story is a graphic look into the practice of making one carry the burden of many. One can almost see the black goat being led to the altar. Almost audible are the ritualistic chants lifting the sins of the faithful, and transferring the smut and broken promises onto the poor creatures back before it is loosed into the wilds. And, like the scapegoat, Governor Northam’s responses are given the same consideration as the bleating cries of a woefully wronged beast.

In the article, penned by William Blinder, the fact that 140 legislative seats will be up for grabs in 2020 is ensconced in a paragraph citing bipartisan concerns regarding the effects Governor Northam will have upon the credibility of both the state of Virginia, and the viability of other Charlie BrownDemocrat candidates in 2020. It goes beyond the pale. In the first place, Virginia is, and always has been a great state. In the second, the aspirations of the Democrat Party are NOT Governor Northam’s first concern. So far, it has not been demonstrated that the smoking gun here, a picture of the governor in a racially charged picture, lends the least bit of difficulty to his ability to meet his fiduciary responsibilities to what is h is first concern, the people of the state of Virginia
Prove it! Alas, the Times does not. Their job, after all, is to report the news; how they do it is up to them.
Although it is laughable to compare the efforts of bloggers such as myself to the great Brahmins whose writing comes from the dizzying heights of publications like The New York Times, we do enjoy access to the notions and beliefs of the little people in America, and our commentary often reflects the thoughts and concerns of those Americans who make up the entire reason for our great nation’s institutions. Reporting the news, and offering commentary on events is done a little differently down here in the ruck. For one thing, we don’t concern ourselves with political correctness. As wonderful as it would be to have my words amplified in the way that William Blinder’s are by publication in a megaphone like the Times, there is no way on earth he could have let on that A. Donald McEachin, a source quoted by Mr. Blinder as certifying governor Northam’s lack of viability as a leader, is a black man, nor might Mr. Blinder have dared in his wildest dreams to name governor Northam’s replacement, Justin Fairfax as black. To do so would correctly be interpreted as inferring that representative McEachin and Lt. Governor Fairfax might share a common agenda separate from governor Northam’s ability to lead, or the state of Virginia’s reputation. Writing that way would be like being a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs where everyone seated knows you’re there, but nobody is talking about tail. Yep, Mr. Blinder would find himself toppled forever, and the Times would find itself under attack from every neo-liberal in the country for so much as breathing that bit of news; and it is news.

Why, it would look as if there were a conspiracy to unseat governor Northam to support a power shift in Virginia, and within the party itself. While I see nothing wrong with more black power in Virginia, or anywhere else for that matter, I have never supported the rationale of “by any means necessary”. Oddly it was our president, also quoted in Mr. Blinder’s piece who made the inference when he tweeted that governor Northam’s opponent in the race for governor Ed Gillespie, missed a big bet when his campaign overlooked the offending photograph. Yeah…how did that happen anyway?

Could it be that the photograph was known by only by certain Democrats all along, and that they withheld it deliberately, knowing that Northam could beat Gillespie, and then use it to put Justin Fairfax in the catbird seat? Hmmm. Well, you can’t prove a negative; too bad no one thought to say that when the photograph emerged with zero provenance. Sorry if you don’t like it, but, that’s the way we roll outside the beltway. Hopefully the governor will hold on and outlast this siege, because if the people who engineered this coup d’etat get away with it, they will have transformed democracy, and the return of McCarthyism will be inevitable.

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