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Cast The Next Stone
By Charlie Brown

Perhaps the best meme for the Ralph Northam story is one with no photograph at all. While Democrats scramble to prove which is the most politically correct member of the herd by expressions of fury and outrage that Stonea newly elected governor turns up in a politically incorrect photograph for his medical school yearbook, the real irony of the picture is outside the frame. When I searched for an image to compare the rabble who want to disenfranchise the voters of the state of Virginia over a relatively harmless faux pas that took place over thirty five years ago, I learned that virtually no images of lynch mobs exist that do not concern themselves with the lynching of black men or women.

While I quite understand the desire to create a space inside which the only holocaust took place during WWII, and the only lynchings that ever took place involved black victims, I must cry horse manure. I had a relative who was lynched near Little Rock mistakenly in 1901. There have been innumerable lynchings in this country of Chinese, whites, and Mexicans, but the internet won’t say it. I get it too, that the Democrats want to lean heavily on the race issue in 2020. But seriously, party purity?

So, as with so many cases where the media causes a rush to judgement, we now have an infotainment circus that isn’t going to benefit anyone but the same folks who want you to believe that only white people can be racists.

Upon being outed, because you know that’s what this is, Governor Northam made a cardinal error that reveals his nature to be that of a fairly honest, and compassionate man. The governor’s heartfelt apology went unheard among the cries of “hang him!” One of the reasons given for lynching my relative in Arkansas was that he ran from the mob; most people in my family think that seeing the rope influenced his decision to run. I know I would.

But Governor Northam’s first instint was not to run by denial, but rather to attempt a reconciliation. Instead we see an attempt to sweep the issue under the rug.  To think that the Democrats might have actually gotten something right by allowing this to play out, aiming at reconciliation rather than a cover up…well, it’s sheer incompetence.

Thankfully Governor Northam is now denying that he is in the picture. This is a good move for two reasons: one, is this will force the previously anonymous source to come forward to give provenance to an image that otherwise lacks legitimacy. It’s not as if you can make Ralph Northam out in the photograph. Don’t the people of Virginia have at the very least the right to know who is attacking him, and why? I for one believe that those willing to cast the first stone should stand front and center where we can get a good look at them.

The second reason it is a good idea to fight this is that Governor Northam provides an alternative to the “cut and run” style of politics that seems to be so engraved in the Democratic party’s response to allegations. It’s like the slow clap; one person calls indignantly for resignation, and like a summer cloudburst the demands fall faster and faster until there is nothing but a cacophony that everyone just wants to go away. Some may recall an article I wrote about Republican representative Steve King last month urging him to remain steadfast against calls for his resignation.

The issue was much the same. Some nameless source popped up with the convoluted notion that praise for our European heritage in America, and the notion that our culture owes something of itself to that heritage, was twisted into a justification for describing The Butcher Shoprepresentative King as a racist. Soon there came the same unruly mob, made up of Republicans this time.

My opinion is that purging white men from office for behaviors which, at best fall into a gray area of what is appropriate and what is not, will not satisfy the thirst of the oppressed in this country. What about just not shooting a black man this week? Why can’t the same nincompoops chasing down the politically incorrect put that same energy into providing black men some assurance that they can leave home without being killed for driving while black? While they are about it, how about some wage equality, and an end to suppression of the black vote?

I will leave you with this thought: if there are those in this glass house who insist on throwing stones, can’t we just make a rule that they must first stand at the mast and be examined first? By all means, cast the next stone, first, let us just look back forty or so years into your life. Don’t you want to see what a lovingly thorough cavity search might turn up?Charlie Brown

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