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Me and my wives have been spending our lives in a house we’ve been calling a home (David Allan Coe)


1 Timothy 3:2
A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality . . .

The United States had drifted into total moral decay by the time Donald Trump took the oath of office. The illusion of the separation of church and state has deluded the people since George Buzz BuzzWashington took that oath. Oh, it works pretty good until the majority decides what is right, what is wrong, decent, indecent, and then that majority bows to the will of a very vocal minority. This having been said, the effort to be an inclusive society has led us down a crazy trail chasing pink rabbits.

Gay relationships are that minority. Now, I’m not judging, only stating a fact. I’m also not saying that gay, Trans, bi, or whatever flavor someone is should be the business of government, other than taxation of the family unit in whatever form it may exist. All I am saying is that out of every one hundred people, three or four are something other than heterosexual. OTH! What perplexes me is how can a government permit same sex marriage, Drag Queen StoryTime, acknowledge forty-five genders, or no gender at all, and have squat to say about Brother Jeremiah up in Brigham City having three cute wives. Yeah, I’m going there. You may begin to swat them bees. They bee a buzzin’!

If you will note, I began this article with a little Bible thumping. I don’t thump often, but I’ve always been fascinated with this passage. What did Paul mean by “one wife?” Did he mean that the Bishop could not be a divorcee? Or perhaps a widower, or never having been married at all? Or, in a Mediterranean, Middle East setting filled with multiple wives, concubines, legal prostitution, and some out right fornication, did he mean that if someone was going to direct the church at the Bishop’s level he needed to have a one wife situation at home so as to afford him time for his holy duties?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints condemns polygamy, and has ever since the United States dangled statehood before it like a carrot in 1896. Officially they will deny the practice and excommunicate practitioners thereof. Unfortunately there are around thirty to fifty thousand “thereofs” scattered all over Utah, quietly, and sometimes not so quietly living the plural life. And Utah presents a perfect dichotomy of condemning Jerimiah as a lesbian mayor takes office in Salt Lake City, and THAT is the political schizophrenia America has slipped into!

Women don’t warm up to polygamy, men take to it quite naturally (imagine that!) Women are as beautiful flowers, and men are as bees. Misogynistic enough for ya! Well, I’ve got a red MAGA hat, and a Confederate flag around here somewhere, deal with it! But, let me ask you this. Which is more in tune with the cosmos? A man with three wives, raising fifteen kids who say, “Yes sir” and “no ma’am” or a ten year old boy who’s two daddies want to neuter him, tell him that he’s a girl, and cart him off to the public library to sit on the lap of a pedophile? Buzz buzz!

If the other than hetero contingent would confine their activities to adults there would be no problem, but they don’t do that. From libraries to little girls’s restrooms they just have to get involved with little kids. The Catholics seem to have this problem, also, but let’s settle this issue for right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Warren JEFFS, I hear you. Uh, you do know that after he went to jail the kids were brought home. Do you think those Fundamental Mormons ran their excess old ladies off, because if you do have I got a temple for you, and it’s on SALE!

So, if America is such a “Christian” nation where did all this LBGT and sometimes Q come from? And if we’re supposed to be an open, inclusive society now what we gonna do about Jerimiah? Shouldn’t he be taxed out the butt along with the rest of us? I think we should stop worrying about some redneck governor from the moonshine state appearing in blackface back when REAGAN was president, and examine the complete breakdown of our society at the expense of families! Buzz buzz!

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