Hate Speech

Chappy Gypsy and the two-edged sword

Hate Speech

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas:

Chappy is a regular contributor to the Butcher Shop. He gets his nickname from the fact that he is in fact a minister, a Chaplin. After the recent Hate Speech arrest of Doc Greene at the Montrose Library in Houston he addressed the practice of exposing children to deviates disguised as “StoryTime.” He could do no less.

This “Dumb Ole Biker” put on the armor of God and waded into the foray armed only with the Word. Well, Facebook reacted immediately. Every time he even used the letters “LBTQ” they stuck his post and threatened him with Facebook Jail. Chappy just told them that they’d just have to crucify him upside down, picked up his cross, and continued to march.

Folks, there is a concerted effort to pervert your children via our public library system. The American Library Association (ALA) has thrown its entire support behind the OTH ( Other Than Heterosexual.) There are even links on their site to secure government funding to support this effort. The library! The one place you’d think our children would be safe! The place The Beach Boys sang about the girl avoiding when she wanted to have “Fun Fun Fun!”

With New York killing babies during birth, and Virginia aborting them before their first day of school God will not put up with us much longer. I am not a babe in the woods. From Austin to Nashville to L.A., there is no human condition I have not seen. As these perverts watch nine year old girls do burlesque while putting dollar bills into their panties I’ll just be over here with Chappy in my sackcloth pouring these ashes over my head.

Bill the Butcher

Chappy Speaks!

In the last year on Facebook,

If you talk about illegal aliens,
It’s hate speech.

If you talk about ending illegal migration in our country,
It’s hate Speech.

If you talk about the LGBT and the immoral behavior they exhibit around our children,
It’s hate speech.

If you talk about remembering 9/11 and what the Muslims did to our country,
It’s hate speech.

If you talk about these liberal snowflakes,
It’s offensive hate speech.

If you talk about supporting President Donald J. Trump,
it’s racist, bigoted hate speech.

If you talk about being white,
It’s racial, offensive, hate speech.

If you talk about preserving our christian values,
It’s outdated, offensive hate speech.

If you mention GOD,
It’s offensive, outdated, bigoted, racial hate speech.

These are just a few of the things I can personally list, that have had me in trouble with the so called Facebook Community, in which they claim I violated their community standards.

Well it appears that Facebook is the one who’s violating our community standards by listing anything we adults wish to talk about as Offensive hate speech…Just saying…

But everyone knows, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. What would I know about hate, I write and publish the truth and it’s got to the point where Truth is now the new Hate Speech.

The Butcher Shop

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