The Price Is Right

Biscuit time!

The Price Is Right

So the president gave the State of the Union speech and even before he got back to the White House the Democrats had a response. Now they didn’t have a The Price Is Rightresponse. They trotted out some woman who looked like she just barreled down the aisle on ”The Price Is Right!”

And the conspiracy theory being floated? Oh, that speech was so good he couldn’t have written it!” The State of the Union is simple. The Union needs an enema. Just when you think it can’t get any crazier, remember . . . day ain’t over yet.

I think the main point here is will the Democrats cooperate at ALL? Or will they fall in line behind Nancy Pelosi and turn the US into California? She fixed California so good you can’t take a stroll on pier 37 without stepping in poop. That is if some illegal doesn’t shoot your daughter first!

If the houses of Congress could agree on one thing that would be a start. Perhaps feed the bears in Yellowstone. That would be good. Just a ”pickanic” basket for Yogi and Boo. Remember, while Congress was withholding paychecks from Air Traffic Controllers they didn’t forget to pay themselves.

Last week the governor of New York said it was perfectly fine to snip a baby’s spinal cord during its birth and the women there danced with their vagina caps on. Perhaps they should have MAGA printed on those hats. My Ass Gets Around. Not to be outdone the Redneck Governor of the Moonshine State thinks abortion up to the first day of school might be a good idea. And then everybody stood back in snake amazement when he popped up in a picture wearing his Sunday sheet! Cracker PLEASE!

Of course the president has speech writers. Flash! Clint Eastwood never shot anybody either. Maybe he’s learned to listen to staff. Imagine the meeting where the president say’s, ”This is what I want to say,” and someone says, ”This is how you say it.” If you will note he said ”wall” just fine! Historically speaking the most memorable line to come out if New York to date is, ”I’m walkin’ heah!”

This division must stop. We aren’t getting anything done! We argue about red baseball caps. We are in two camps and everyone is worried about another Civil War. There’s not going to be any Civil War. We’re too lazy and entitled. And who’s gonna fund it? We can’t fund a barb wire fence to keep the wetbacks out! And you honestly think we can suit up and fight a war?

If this Congress can get one thing done, I mean even order lunch, I’ll be a blue nose gopher and Ted says I can butter his butt and call him a biscuit!

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