America’s Tribe

A tribe of three hundred million bound by one drop of blood

America’s Tribe

People joke about republicans being racist because that word gets thrown around way too easily. Hell, I would be the first to say that a healthy America’s Tribeknowledge of self and other races could be a very useful thing but the thing that makes the truly wretched people problematic is their deceptive nature and the practice of discriminating based on a perceived race difference.

Everyone is a little racist or biased today just like everyone of us has fallen short of the glory of God. But when you start glorifying sin is when you and the purity of patriotism parts ways. Your cause is hurt by this. Your original becomes unclear and seems to have put down all races and tipped its  hat to Islam for not aborting their babies, while actually throwing the baby out with the bath water. Collect your thoughts, aim well, make sure you don’t strike a deal with the Devil and you hit your intended target.

Having military experience will teach you that patriots are all colors. If you believe and fight for American values/beliefs and the American people you are a patriot. Americanism is like a religion in a way.

I have seen it through out America. There is an underlying common bond. A bond the divisive forces from other nations cannot see, would not understand, and cannot get past. The more you travel, the clearer this bond becomes and I know that race has nothing to do with it. Hard work and ingenuity does. Gender has nothing to do with it! independence and self-reliance do.

I saw a video by a Native American, a Navajo. In it he was asking all Americans to be proud of just one drop of Native blood. He refuted the idea of someone not being ”Native enough.” He explained that because of the westward expansion of the settlers most Americans had that drop somewhere in their linage. That makes Americans unique among all the peoples in the world. People from all different backgrounds, all races, all origins, bound together by that one drop. A new race. A new tribe. America’s Tribe!

I think when you become an American, your religion does not matter. The first amendment protects you there. You have the freedom to believe what you will, and blaspheme anyone who doesn’t agree with you. No one cuts your head off. Americanism supersedes Islam and Catholicism and whatever else there may be in your past because we serve and protect each other from all enemies, foreign or domestic. We are sworn to the tribe.

Six hundred and fifty thousand white folks went and got killed, settling the slavery issue. Don’t weaken your message with making fun of uneducated black folks, you are above that. The Klan was eradicated by the same white folks that saw what it leads to and genocide is always ugly to any decent human being. Anyone who subscribes to that philosophy deserves to be ON that burning cross!

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