Daylight Robbery Attempt In Virginia

Triple Double Cross

Virginia Lt Gov

Virginia Lt Gov

Daylight Robbery Attempt In Virginia

Due to the confusing nature of news today, we at the Butcher Shop endeavor to continue our practice of bringing you the news you don’t want to hear!

Everybody get set for the documentary movie; over and over and over again. The Roger Stone method of stealing political power by the practice of making complete fools of the American people is about to explode onto the media scene. For those of you who have not seen the Netflix original movie ‘Get Me Roger Stone’, I will describe briefly the Roger Stone method. “Win by any means necessary.” That’s it. Now, no one needs to explain Gordon Gecko’s “greed is good” moment to me. I was, after all tempered in the fire of “root hog or die.” The emphasis is on the die part. The difference between root hog or die, and by any means necessary, is simple: the rules of engagement for the former prevent treason, while the rules of engagement for the latter prevent nothing. We have witnessed many dirty tricks in politics. There is actually a recording of a telephone call between Richard Nixon and political leaders in Hanoi in which the candidate bargains with the lives of American soldiers to keep the war open until he is elected. This recording is available in the LBJ library in Austin for skeptics. Ronald Reagan is similarly embarrassed caught selling the

Brother Theo

Ayatollah’s regime missiles, weapons and ammunition for holding the hostages taken in Iran until after his election against Jimmie Carter. For an expanded view of political high jinks see the library of congress or Wikileaks. For old school Shakespearian skullduggery though, nobody tops Roger Stone; he is the high sultan of dirty deeds, and he stands alongside few in terms of the damage he has inflicted upon America…OUR America. So, let me tell you a tale that has Roger Stone’s DNA all over it. The tale is short, although the making of it spans almost four decades.

What Went Down

Day One: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is vigorously attacked by elected officials and strategists of his own party over a photograph from Northam’s medical school yearbook allegedly posing in either black face or a klansman’s sheet and hood. There is no mention which medical school, a fact I found to be salient but missing. The fact is, no provenance whatever is offered to legitimize the photograph.

Day Two: Governor Northam apologizes profusely for the photograph, calling for the reconciliation of racial inequality in Virginia. More celebrities crowd the Lynch mob, and the cries for blue blood grow louder.

Day Three: Governor Northam claims that there is no proof that he is in the photograph, suggesting that the provenance to the photograph should be set forth.

Day Four: Alan Blinder and Trip Gabriel write a story in the New York Times reporting the statements of Democrats and Republicans bemoaning the damage being done to the state of Virginia, and Northam’s thoughtless placing of the interests of the state he was elected to govern over the interests of his own party…only that isn’t how they said it; instead it read very much like a crappy bit of subliminal code designed to inform my amygdala just how to perceive what I was reading. The article goes on to inform readers that the head office just couldn’t figure a way that someone as damaged as Northam was could possibly have the ability to lead. Then the two Times writers tra la down the yellow brick road with the revelation that the governor wore blackface during a Micheal Jackson dance contest, an assessment of the governor’s public allies as few, and a lemon drop from a “Mr. Moran”, described as a person “who represented Northern Virginia for 24 years” describing the event as “an issue of redemption” I hate to remind you folks, but it is only the guilty who are in need of redemption.

Day Five: Alan Blinder writes a second article about governor Northam’s crisis, all but reading the man’s epitaph, pointing out that a Democrat senator from Virginia had been on ‘Meet The Press’, and virtually certified governor Northam’s political emasculation and his inability to lead. The article proceeded to point out that the current Lt. governor of Virginia, Justin Fairfax, was also uncertain about Northam’s ability to lead, or even govern. Everyone was pointing toward disaster for the citizens of Virginia unless their governor did ‘the right thing’ and resign his seat; as if he were Sarah Palin. As of this time there was still no proof that governor Northam was even IN this photograph. This is partly because the person responsible for bringing the photograph forward was unknown. Well……

Day Six: The New York Times reports that the state’s top Republican was facing an onslaught of questions about “racist photographs and slurs in a college yearbook that HE helped oversee”. The senator in question, Thomas Norment, is the majority leader in the Virginia state senate, who was the managing editor of the 1968 Virginia Military Institute yearbook, which included slurs and images of students in blackface. On the same day, Justin Fairfax, reproachful that it should happen on the “day of his elevation” was alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman, a charge that was not only found to be credible by the states attorney general, but was also repeated by another alleged victim. No less person than Al Sharpton still demands the resignation of the governor. Since Then Governor Northam made a decision to stay in office; a great decision given the fact that Justin Fairfax faces a long and precipitous road forward, with criminal charges looming over his future. If governor Northam were to step down, and Lt. Governor Fairfax were charged criminally, Thomas Norment, the republican leader of the Virginia legislature, would assume the governor’s seat; a particularly interesting fact in light of the fact that Virginia governors may not serve consecutive terms. Since three years remain on the current governors term, Mr. Norment’s incomplete term would allow him to run in the next election, possibly bringing about a defacto reversal of the Virginia state constitution’s clear intent to impose term limits.

Skullduggery indeed. Like 911 this incident smells too awful, and the indifference to the ripple effects of the actions in Virginia are just too well designed and timed to be coincidence. I don’t just smell fire here, I’m choking on the smoke. Two questions are begged. First, might it be that we are defining a character apart from one prohibited by law, to become the one and only template for our elected officials? And secondly, are are we, by defining an acceptable character of our elected officials, allowing persons more than willing to do so to subvert our democratic process by giving them the club of public disapproval, and the knife of easily led minds

Brother Theo

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