You know, if you cut a shark’s belly open and throw it back in the water its friends and relatives will devour it. So it is with liberals. I give you Joy Behar! blackfaceDuring the current complexion debates, Joy took it upon herself to display a photograph of herself at twenty-nine in BlackFace. Actually, it was more like BrownFace, but a former co-host, Raven Symoné took exception, and the feeding frenzy began.

Raven asked if she were black, and continued to mutter under her breath. BlackFace is all the rage. Enjoying a comeback. Actually, I thought it went out with Al Jolson. He actually had a hit song, “Mammy,” where he wore blackface. The late great comedian, Redd Foxx, actually had an issue early in his career at having to don BlackFace so he’d be “black enough” for the stage. But, it’s not just BlackFace. Will Sampson, whom you may remember from “One Flew Over The Coo Coo’s Nest” and “The Outlaw Josey Wales” refused to work on set until the white actors, made up like Indians were replaced with real Indian actors needing the work.

The fact is, the liberal Main Stream Media will seize on anything that they think will sell copy, even their damn selves! The object of the game is not to inform, but to create controversy and division. Let’s be frank, folks. America has progressed long past a black person coming to a predominantly white party, and nobody says the word “watermelon!”

Amazingly there was no outcry when the movies “Watermelon Man” and “White Chicks” debuted. Why of course not. That’s cause black folk get a pass on them kinda things. They can say, “Nigger” or the more socially acceptable, “NigGA” while we crackers are darn luckily to hang on to the slightly gay sounding “N Word.”

And this is a deal killer, people. I Crappith Thee NOT! Governors kiss there own asses over this. Attorney Generals resign! PRESIDENTS chime in. There is no statute of limitations. Like murder! Once you wear BlackFace it will never completely wash off. You are black forEVER! It is the Viagra of the cosmetics department. Even stronger. Viagra wears off. Or it should. After four hours you really should see a doctor, but I digress.

The problem with this is that instead of uniting America it amplifies our differences. Instead of promoting common ground it places us on opposing hills like the Hatfields and McCoys. When even a national TV host cannot show an old picture of herself with a slightly darker complexion without crashing the stock market we have a problem, Houston. And you were worried about a few Mexicans sneaking over the border subverting America? Hell! Avon is destroying the country!

And people like “Raven” get up on their high horse. I love that. Raven, she’s black. Get it? But, she ain’t no racist. <Wink Wink> Honey, you ain’t seen no racism! I grew up in 1950’s Louisiana, and I’m here to tell you, them crackers had that down to a science. Wish I could put you in a time machine, and take you back there for dinner. I’d be eating at a table, and you’d be eating in the kitchen! I thought we’d progressed past that. Guess not. After eight years of a president reminding us daily that racism is alive and well in America, and growing every day it’s time for Trump to issue an executive order banning tanning solons!

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