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    I voted for, and support our president. The reason neo-liberals do not like him is that he puts the lie to practically everything they support. Investigating every aspect of his campaign, his administration, his FAMILY! Trump is a real estate broker! He thinks in linear feet and dollars and cents. The entitled generation can’t stand that. They want a world where even what I’m writing here is considered hate speech.

    From due date abortions to trans-gender bathrooms America has spun out of control. No wonder a broke down country like Russia could even consider manipulating our elections. And how did they do it? Memes on Facebook. Think about that. They know where most Americans get their information and they know our attention span. It’s been suggested that Russia developed the HIV virus because they figured destruction of of our society could best be achieved by infecting us with something that attacks sexual deviates and drug addicts.

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    New York decided to kill babies as they are being born, and then Virginia one upped them by extending that to killing them right after the cord is cut. And the Feminazis stood around cheering. They want the government to pay for their birth control. Stop dating men who can’t afford a condom! With forty-seven genders now it’s a wonder any babies are conceived at all. Last week a man walked into a restroom in England claiming that he identified as a woman. Then he forced a ten year old girl into a stall and tried to pull her pants down. I guess he was a woman inside because the little girl beat him up and ran away.

    And the border? What part of “illegal” do the liberals not understand? What part of “immigration” do they confuse with unlawful entry? The democrats are railing against the simplest solution in the world, a barrier to stem the tide. Jim Acosta attacked the president yesterday claiming the border crossings are dwindling, completely ignoring the thousands streaming in from South America with thousands more packing to come. He claimed that more deaths are caused by Americans than illegal aliens. He needs to ask law enforcement about drug deaths and related crimes caused by drugs brought in by cartels. Do you want to know how many deaths need to happen before the president will be justified in sending the Army to secure the border? One! One young lady in San Francisco having ice cream with her daddy on the docks who was shot by a man who had been sent back to Mexico not once but several times! He stole the gun, and his excuse was, “I did not know it was going to go off, senóre!”

    In former times this would be labeled a debate, perhaps even patriotic. But, this will all Be labeled hate speech. Red hats with MAGA on them are considered assault now. You can fix a lot of things wrong in this country but still, after all these years, you can’t fix stupid!

    The Butcher Shop
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