FEMA Camps


    I’ve got something that is so wrong on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. The hate in this country against our president has risen to a new level, extending into every aspect of our day to day lives, and now to my family. I’ve got a granddaughter. Not just a granddaughter, a GRANDdaughter. The most brilliant, beautiful, perfect little girl in the world, and if you say not I’ll get mad! She just turned twenty-one and completed college. She wants to be a nurse. She has a boyfriend who is her perfect compliment, and a highly intelligent little Starbucks drinking dog.

    Each morning I have included her in my “paper route.” I don’t even know her politics, but I sent her my daily articles. Well, she didn’t get one today. You see, she is trying to get a job in a hospital in Arizona. Now, for those of you that are out of the loop, Arizona is East California. If you think California is liberal just look at Arizona. Liberals move from a place with little water to a place with NO water, and call it paradise. Go figure! For those of you who study such things Arizona is roughly translated, “Dry Place!”

    Well, about a week ago I was sending out another daily article and got a notification that my little girl wasn’t taking messages from me. No biggie. A couple years ago she got hacked, or stalked on Facebook and took her page down for a bit, starting another one up later, immediately refriending me. So I didn’t worry about it. Then her father, my son called from Californication. Now MasterChief is gentle when dealing with an old fool like me, but he really had to put a lot of Castor oil on this one in order to ram it up my rear.

    It seems that the hospital in Arizona is so liberal that my granddaughter can’t even associate with me on her personal Facebook, even in private message because I am a Trump supporting Texas conservative! Yep! You heard me right. We have digressed to that point. First red baseball caps, and now thought police. My baby girl is not even allowed to THINK about Paw Paw or she won’t get the job!

    At first I was just as stupid as any other grandparent. I reasoned that the kid needed every advantage in the competition of fifty applicants applying for ten positions. Baby girl is in a tough field and she needs every point she can get to rise above the crowd. Why take any chances? Then I got mad. First off, why doesn’t she just move to Texas? It’s bigger than Arizona, went “Trump” in the election, and it HAS water! Secondly, I wouldn’t let a nurse in that hospital empty my bedpan, much less give me a pill.

    I don’t even know if my granddaughter reads what I send her. Don’t know her politics. She might be a feminazi for all I know. What I do know is she was a little light in my life. Smart, intelligent, and easy on the eye. And now she’s gone. No longer part of my life. Instead of being proud that grandpaw writes for national publications, she hides her face and censors her Facebook lest someone realizes that we have the same last name.

    I’ve tried to understand these Tide Pod crunching bastards, but I’ve reached my limit. Thank God we already have polio vaccine because any doctor with this mindset isn’t educated enough to prescribe an aspirin. No cure for cancer coming out of here folks. Might as well go to a Navajo Medicine Man! At least he can sing and dance.

    To me Facebook is like that little girl’s diary. Intimate, personal, and private. I never put my articles on her page, only PM’d them to her, privately. A way of saying, “Love you, I’m still here!” But that was too much for the liberals. Grandfathers cannot love granddaughters, even though there is very little chance that they will ever meet again. Her page was filled with pictures of her girl friends and her little dog. I definitely did not fit it, therefore I never posted there. Now, I’m blocked! That’s right, blocked. Like a stalking former boyfriend. The human relations department reviewing applicants can’t even find my name on her private messages. My granddaughter is no more.

    Baby Girl lives in a world where there is no freedom of speech. No freedom of thought. No consideration of alternative ideas, political debate, and now, no Paw Paw. Am I crying in my coffee this morning? Nah! I’ve been dealing with these queer pricks for years. I was scheduled to go to Houston this week to protest men dressed up like women, teaching little girls the finer points of sodomy. All ready to go to jail for impeding their right of self expression, and God help me if I was wearing a red baseball cap. They’d enhance the charge. FEMA camps! Yeah. We’ve been wondering who to put in FEMA camps. Well, I have a little list!

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