Booth Did It!


    So, Robert Mueller’s million dollar dog and pony show seems to be coming to an end. After two years of indictments, excitement, and enticements, his national best seller is about to go to press, and hit the streets. Or is it? The puppet masters in Devil City aren’t sure what We The People will be allowed to see, if we’re allowed to see anything at all.

    The entire thing was supposed to be about the Russians impugning the integrity of our election process. Supposedly Boris and the boys swung the campaign by screwing with the minds of the Millennials using a few Facebook memes. Now, after all this time and money they don’t know if we can handle it? When did we become little children. They seem to take our money just fine!

    This has been the government’s attitude for a while. They still have facts concerning the Kennedy assassination under wraps. Hell, PEARL HARBOR! News flash! We won that war! No wonder we have so many conspiracy theorists. We need to at least try to fill in the gaps. There is a military base, Area 51, where you get shot if you cross a barb wire fence. Oh, and by the way, these are the same fine folks that can’t secure our border. Just thought I’d point that out to you.

    They point to “National Security” as the primary reason for all the secrecy. WE’RE the nation you’re supposed to be securing, dimwit! Employing you is like paying a whore who won’t take her clothes off. What did you uncover? You caught a crooked lawyer and a couple lying political hacks. This is our surprised face. Amish children know that! So what did you find that we aren’t supposed to know? Putin had an affair with Ivanka?

    Or maybe, just maybe, if the whole thing was exposed the American people would see this for what it really was all along. A democrat witch hunt! That after all this time you couldn’t hang a parking ticket on President Trump. While we’re out here paying all these taxes you have been sitting up there eating steak and lobster, not doing one damn thing! So now you’re not sure if we’ll be allowed to see your report!

    I have a suggestion. If we don’t see the report Robert Mueller should be held personally responsible for every dime this three ring circus has cost! We paid for the book, Robert. Deliver! From wheat farmers in Kansas to stock brokers in New York, we can handle it. Trust me. We’ve put up with you all these years. We’re tough! Oh, and shut down that inquiry into the Lincoln assassination, too. Booth did it!

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