Dear Hillary

           Dear Hillary,

    Well, the last election season for everyone, you included. It’s too bad you won’t be around to crap on the democrats any longer, but let’s face it, ya lost! Yep, the same tactics you used to destroy the hopes Bernie had didn’t work in the general election, thank God, did not work on the segment of our electors as those who slavishly follow your party’s propaganda. For once, the slavish instincts of the other side served to demonstrate to the world that the sleeping giant has been awakened. But now it appears that the old gray nag is back! And you’re up to the same old tricks you’ve been using before.

    That’s right, the evidence is right there for anyone who wishes to see past their own concerns, but, as we all know, little people think little, so let me spell it out for you: Less than half of the folks who could have voted turned out to vote in the 2016 election. I know, I know, so what, right? Man, this never gets old. The key to understanding the transfer of one medium to another is volume. Huh? Yep, if a ship gets a hole in it, the ship fills with water, and sinks! That’s because the volume of the ocean is greater than the volume of the ship. Since most of those democrats who would have voted for anyone but stayed home, the picture becomes clear due to the cropping effect of that phenomenon. By removing the blurring brought about by red and blue states one simply turns to the battleground states to discern the true character of this nation.

    Adjusting for regional demographics, and voter concerns, one can easily see that voters turned out in the battleground states in far greater numbers. Post ballot interviews reveal that their purpose was to turn back the tide of globalization that has been spewed into this country by you and your confederates. These were the so called undecided voters. We Americans are sick at heart as we watch other cultures assimilate American territory as aliens from the third world march unopposed across our land, simply taking our children’s heritage for their own. Oh, and we know that you guys are selling it. Yeah, we’re on to you. So, look to those battleground states to determine your future, or more accurately, lack of future.

    As you plot your strategy, I would like to recap your highest achievements; you know, the ones we will never forget, before before saying GIT! Here is a short list of your greatest crimes: First, who can forget the way you boldly destroyed ACORN? Man, that was slick. You took an obviously bogus video (one thoroughly debunked on the very day of your cowardly act) and led the charge to destroy the last example of Saul Alinsky’s open display to the American people of how to build community representation in a republican democracy. Good work Fluffy! The little folk will likely never recover their voice, and you led the way!

    Then, who can forget single payer health care? Before the president could even comment, you brayed “not on the table!” In that signature brassy voice that only you possess. What was it you said when Trump made his famous “bus” joke? Ah yes, words mean things. Words like, “Ah nevah had sex wid dat woman!” That meant something, too. Just where were you you’re your husband ate that pizza that night. I think it’s symbolic that the little sex ring that you’re husband, and possibly even you refer to little girls as “pizza.”

    Thanks to you, Iran will have a robust nuclear weapons program soon. Thanks to you America’s diverse economy has been broken up and sold to WTO, because God knows, it takes a village. As I remember it took a village with pitchforks and torches to end count Dracul the inspiration for Dracula. By the way, just so you know, My wife and I raised my children with the help of our family and friends. It the damn village came for them there would have been blood! It would appear though that your efforts to turn our great nation’s cities into third world villages has enjoyed great success.

    Many thanks for empowering the IMF to such an extent that most countries cannot establish lines of credit without kowtowing to the guidelines for establishing A One World Government. Honestly, you have a slave owner’s mentality. There is a growing list of crimes that become too numerous to list, much less discuss, that cling to you like what drifted across Mr. Trump’s nose when he said “such a nasty woman!” Hint to the wise, Beano! A case where he who smelt it did NOT deal it.

    I simply can not say, “Buh Bye” without mentioning ChinaGate. This is, next to your decision to remove Senator Sanders from the race without giving the American electorate in it’s entirety the opportunity to measure him as a candidate, the most serious crime you are guilty of, or should I say you share responsibility for? As I have said, this is MY country. When you let China steal ALL of our top level secret technology By allowing a known operative to waltz out of the country with a hard drive containing said documents (and yes, there is a smoking gun) you sold secrets that belonged to all Americans. That’s me! Those were my property, and the property of my descendants, and you allowed the Chinese to steal them! Now, this was all publicly available knowledge at the time, but remember, Most of the nation still slumbered then.

    Maybe this is how it had to be. Perhaps democrat and republican would never have learned to fight side by side without this event. However, I caution you; do not think we are grateful. You and your ilk have been seen, and were I you I would boogie before Rudy Giuliani figures out that nobody will stop him if he decides to have a few witch trials. Get thee hence white woman! And don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!!!

    The Butcher Shop
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