PeckerWoods of the World Unite!


    A word about our new distribution. No, we didn’t go to Facebook Jail. To begin with, our reach has become so extensive the very process of distribution was taking more time than the creation of content. From pages, groups, and select friends it was a full coffee pot job. We began by consolidating individuals on Messenger who routinely read us into one group. That made it a “one click” affair. Also, it won’t set off the Facebook spam filter so no one will be missed. Some people left that group and we’re good with that. Some simply like to seek out material on their own.

    Next, we revitalized various pages on Facebook that we controlled. Peckerwood Press was the first. Then The Butcher Shop, Clevenger and Witt, and the brand new Lawless Journalism. Two pages we do not control were included, both from Doc Greene. We also submit to the Dam Good Times, and Crystal Lee hasn’t washed my mouth out with soap yet for which I am very grateful.

    This is an effort to not force our opinions upon any groups or individuals who might be offended by straight talk. If you don’t like balls to the wall political content don’t come here!

    Our flagship, as you know, is the Tea Party Tribune. They have been very kind to us and I hope we have boosted their circulation. They worked with us as we pushed the boundaries of just what conservatism is. What we are NOT is a bunch of old fools stuck in the last century! We range from Peter in London to Daniel in Amsterdam to a little lady in Texas who we hope will grace the Butcher Shop with her brilliant insight.

    Brother Theo and I were frankly surprised by the explosion of interest. From Facebook to YouTube our message of mutual understanding is catching on. We just got tired of not being able to discuss the movie ”Black Beauty” without being called a racist!

    So, to all the Peckerwoods out there, join us in pecking at the tree if neo-liberal bias until it becomes a totem pole!

    The Butcher Shop
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