The Educational Industrial Complex

    George Rodriguez

    Beware the Educational Industrial Complex –

    There is an “Educational Industrial Complex” that seeks to advance its agenda and increase its political power and social influence in national, state and local government. It is an informal alliance between the nation’s educators, education institutions, and education advocates.

    They work together as vested interests through lobbyists and groups to influence public policy and distribution of government funds and resources, specifically taxpayers’ money. Money is their power, and they guard the public funds like junkyard dogs in Congress, state legislatures, county courthouses, city halls, and school districts. They also constantly seek more money.

    Money and their politically correct liberal agenda are THE agenda to the Educational Industrial Complex, not whether Johnny or Susie can read, write, add, or think properly. However, they always ask for more money to address a student’s academic problems.
    Beware the Educational Industrial Complex in your backyard. It is destroying individual freedom and liberty.

    George Rodriguez, El Conservador
    El Conservador

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