Alexandria Ocassio Cortez actually showed a moment of cunning yesterday. After addressing the different valuations of President Trump’s holdings, she inquired if it might be beneficial for the House Oversight Committee to examine the two valuations on the property tax rolls as compared to Income Tax returns. Mr. New York disbarred lawyer walked right into it replying, “Yes!” Cortez basically handed him his face by setting up a virtual subpoena of Trump’s tax return, something none of the other airheads in Congress have been able to do, Democrat or Republican!

    Now let’s talk about real estate valuation. There is a thing called “Market Value” as opposed to “Tax Evaluation.” No one in their right mind goes down to the county tax accessor’s office arguing that their property is valued too low! I can’t count the number of real estate clients I had who upon looking up a property on the tax rolls, wanted to offer that amount to buy the house. I would patiently explain Market Value to them, which is how much someone is prepared to pay vs what the owner is willing to take.

    For Donald Trump to get a taxable number of five million while at the same time says the property was worth fifty million to him is not illegal, and is perfect marketing. Ms Cortez knows this. Cohen knows this. He was a real estate lawyer but led the people listening to believe that this method was some kind of huge criminal conspiracy. Cortez simply used it to fulfill her real agenda, getting Trump’s income tax returns.

    This is the first time a liar, convicted of lying to a committee, was brought up as an expert witness by that very same committee! Did they think he found Jesus? With some accusations, all opinions by the way, vague events, and suppositions about things he thought he heard, Cohen tried to whittle away at his time in the slam. When Polly says, “Polly wants a cracker” she’s telling the truth but all jail birds lie.

    He had put this show off until now because he claimed Trump was stalking and threatening him. Good thing he wasn’t going to testify against Hillary. He’d have been dead on Monday. He claims that Trump is a lying, racist, conman, but he worked for him right up until the FBI kicked in his door. He showed up that day like King David and left like a little girl.

    He says that he and Trump had no retainer agreement, and that money he got every month was to launder the hush money paid to that pole dancer for her story. So we are supposed to believe he was working pro-bono, right? Save your fork, it gets better.

    When he had sense enough to cover his tracks by not outright claiming that while he never heard Trump actually tell anyone to collude with the Russians, everyone knew what their orders were concerning this by the way he held his head. They were all mind readers, huh?

    While claiming to take responsibility for his lies the first time before the committee, he now says he was just reading a statement prepared by Trump’s lawyers. That’s New York for, “I wasn’t wid dem brothas!”

    And, for all his connections, lies, crooked deals, and power influence, Michael Cohen, supposed “fixer” for the President of the United States, attack dog, lawyer to end all lawyers got punked by a dizzy bartender from The Bronx. There is a God!

    Crooked Cohen Faces New Charges

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